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Beatlemania Arrived in Anchorage 
You can instantly download your FREE ebook at the end of this post - Mod. Was from the clothing style from the late fifties named so from, the Modern …

My Beautiful Alaska 
When the door of the plane was finally opened, I saw Anchorage and the surrounding mountains for the first time. It was the most beautiful sight I had …

My Green Double Bladed Ice Skates 
Gliding on the ice, skating as fast as I wanted and feeling that crisp Alaskan winter air on my face while the wind was blowing my hair. Turning around …

Gilman's Bakery - Got Any Free Donuts Today?  
Our family lived on 2nd and Cordova in Anchorage back in the 1950's and my brother's and sister's and I had to walk to school. Our grade school was Denali …

"Anchorage School Daze" 
There they sit, five lunch bags on the kitchen counter. Each one has a name written on it. I found mine written in pencil, "Mary", it was written by …

Moose Meat John 
In 1949 I got on O'Hara bus lines in Mt.View. I was going to the Empress Theater on 4th. Avenue. At the next stop a bearded man got on and sat down …

Satan Invented Snow Suits 
The suite that no one wants to wear - Have you seen the classic holiday movie "A Christmas Story" about a boy named Ralphie who wants a Red Ryder BB …

Anchorage Daily News Paper Sales 
Back in 1948 and 49 I sold news papers at 4th. and C st. In Anchorage. There was a bar on that corner. I would always get paid more than the paper was …

My Favorite Sledding Hill 
You jump on your sled and you start flying down the snowy hill - the faster, the better. The wind rushes past your cold face as the runners on your …

Early Bands of Anchorage 
My father, Gene Smith, moved up to Alaska in the 1930's. He was a musician, played sax and trumpet, and formed one of the earliest bands in Anchorage. …

The Ship Creek Adventure 
It was slippery from creek water splashing over it and suddenly my boot slid right off the log I was using as a bridge... When I was 12 and 13 years …

Skipping School at Dimond 
(To be sung to the tune of "KODACHROME") When I think back on all the stuff I did in High School Its a wonder I'm not still in Jail. The last …

Midnight at High Noon 
Imagine being just six years old and having your world turned upside down. Our family was living in a log home on Fairbanks street near downtown Anchorage, …

Anchorage Newspapers Sold Twice? Not rated yet
Back in 1950 I sold Anchorage Daily News on the corner of 4th and C. Ten feet from the bar door. Most of my customers payed more than I was selling …

Downtown Anchorage a Record Snowfall Not rated yet
One of the beautiful sites we enjoy during winter in Alaska is when big snowflakes float down from the sky, covering the Great Land with a fresh, clean …

Break Up in Anchorage - A Music Video Not rated yet
After a long, dark winter of cold, snow and ice, when Alaska starts to enjoy more daylight and warmer temperatures begin to melt away those winter blues …

Ice Skate to Denali Elementary School? Not rated yet
It was Monday morning, again. Spring time in Anchorage and we had more daylight. However, that's not all we had. We had another cold morning. …

The Frozen Christmas Tree Lot Not rated yet
The year was 1971 and it felt like it was 150 below when Mary and I ventured out into the bitter Anchorage winter evening to buy a real Christmas tree. …

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More Anchorage Alaska Stories

Over the years, Mary and I have relived our years of growing up in Alaska and raising our family in Anchorage. And those memories are dear to our hearts.

Our children (now grown) also have lots of great memories from the many years they spent in the great land. And so with that in mind, we created this special place where those wonderful memories will be not only preserved, but shared with others.

Living in Alaska as we did, one day my wife and I imagined a t-shirt slogan. "The Northern Lights and Snowy Nights and I Love Alaska". Funny how living in Alaska and in Anchorage give you a different view of America and the rest of the world. I'm not even sure that Alaskans could easily put their feelings into words.

As an Alaskan, and living in Anchorage, you're part of a very special place here on planet earth. You're part of an incredible place where nature is still in charge, where nature is respected, admired and held in awe.

Growing up in Anchorage, isn't like growing up anywhere else on earth.

And while many of the stories you'll enjoy here on Anchorage Memories could have taken place anywhere else, a lot of the stories could have only been experienced in Alaska.

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