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Dynamite and the Alaskan Outhouse

dynamite and the alaskan outhouse

A funny Alaskan story read by author Michael R Dougherty that takes you on an adventure in Girdwood, Alaska and the very beginning of what would become the world-famous, Double Musky Inn.

This is one of those “only in Alaska stories”.

From the story:

“Suddenly, Julian popped up from behind the cover of the fallen log and frantically ran back into the outhouse where the lit fuse of a stick of dynamite was about to set off an explosion.”

You won't believe what happened next.

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Dynamite and the Alaskan Outhouse

4th Avenue Theatre Memories

4th Avenue Theatre Memories Postcard

This e-book will bring back memories of the 4th Avenue Theatre that you haven't thought of in years.

And you'll discover who built this special theatre and how they created those wonderful murals. Plus much more.

From the Table of Contents:

  • It was our Movie Palace
  • How the 4th Avenue Theatre was Created
  • 4th Avenue Theatre, Hold the Butter

From the e-book:

“It was the perfect place in Anchorage to see a movie.

Imagine the first time you went to see a movie at Anchorage's famed 4th Avenue Theater.

Just standing there on the sidewalk in front of the theatre, looking at the colorful posters showing you what was playing and what would be playing in the weeks and months to come, was fun.

And as you approached the box office to get your movie tickets, you knew you were about to enter a special place.”

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4th Avenue Theatre Memories

Anchorage Memories Store

Anchorage's Teen TV Dance Show

Free e-Book

Varsity Shoe eBook Postcard

You'll love this FREE memory-filled e-book.

With a foreword by Anchorage radio personality Ron Moore

A fun look back at the history of this special Anchorage television show that ran from 1959 to 1971.

Did you watch the show?

Did you dance on the show?

Did you work on the show? You might find your name in this fun e-book.

From the Table of Contents:

  • Foreword by Ron Moore
  • The American Bandstand Connection
  • Celebrities and Local Bands
  • Varsity Show and Coke Show Memories

and so much more. PLUS, it's free.

Click on the following link and enjoy

The Varsity Show

Anchorage Memories Store

You'll Also Find

adventure on wendigo island

Adventure on Wendigo Island

“Adventure on Wendigo Island” is an audio story told by author, Michael R Dougherty.

You'll enjoy following the adventures of two teenage boys, author Michael R Dougherty and his brother Tom, as they get into a small rowboat and head for a night of camping, and adventure on a small island on a lake in Cordova, Alaska.

But their over active imaginations turn their camp out into a laugh-filled adventure.

Did that ever happen to you?

kings of sole

Kings of Sole

Have you ever gone fishing “under” a cannery?

From Mike's e-book:

“We were having so much fun catching Sole that we didn't notice the tide was coming in. And because we had tied off our boat too tight to the post, our boat was seriously leaning to one side, and we were close to taking on water.

As I pulled in another Sole and put it in our boat, I noticed that our boat was in trouble, and we were about to sink. So, I quickly took my trusty knife out of my pocket and cut the now very tight line attached to the post.

Whoosh – our boat sprang up out of the water, nearly throwing the three of us out of our small craft.”

Are you ready to go fishing in Alaska?

my alaska commercial fishing adventure

My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure

When Mike was 16, he spent the summer working on an Alaskan fishing boat.

From Mike's story:

“Then the Skipper yelled “what are you doing? I told you to pull in the lead line!” Frustrated I swung around to look at the Skipper. When I did, the plunger pole slipped out of one hand and the end of the wooden pole struck him on the side of his head. Suddenly, I watched in terror as the Skipper's body shook in anger. He looked up at me with furious eyes and yelled “what?” At that moment, I shot back with “what do you want me to do? Man the plunger pole or the lead line?” The Skipper stood there still shaking for an angry moment and loudly growled “both!”

In “My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure” you'll go along with author Michael R Dougherty on the adventure of a lifetime on Prince William Sound in Alaska.

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You'll discover nostalgic Anchorage art, suitable for framing.

Your Memories

When you read what's in the Anchorage Memories Store, you'll be transported to a different time in your favorite town.

And reading these memories might bring back memories of your own that you haven't thought about in years.

Everyone who was in Anchorage when the 1964 Good Friday earthquake struck, remembers where they were, what they saw and how they felt.

Now, when it comes to remembering local TV shows, The Varsity Show, a teen dance program, was fun to watch, so you could see your friends dancing to the latest hits. Or, you might have gone down to the KTVA studio to dance on the show.

The memories you'll discover are priceless.

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