Anchorage's Log Cabin

by Mary Jane Dougherty

As a youngster growing up in Anchorage I can remember walking by the cute downtown Visitor's Log Cabin by City Hall.

The log cabin is located on 4th Avenue. During the Fur Rendezvous my family and I would go in there to warm up. During the summer it is surrounded with lovely flowers.

The history of the log cabin tells us that sometime in the 1950's the cabin was disassembled in the city of Homer. Then reassembled on 4th Avenue where they added the sod roof.

The Visitor's log cabin is the headquarters for the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau.

During the summer and when the tourists arrive, the Log Cabin is greeted by a lot of folks going inside a real log cabin. I've heard visitors remarking how fun it is to be in a real Alaskan log cabin. And how friendly the staff is.

Downtown Anchorage during the summer season is full of very happy tourists that are so excited to be in Alaska. And It's so much fun to talk with them. I always felt proud of my hometown, beautiful Anchorage, Alaska.

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Anchorage Tourist Cabin
by: Larry Smith/Homer

Lee Cole and Cap king who lived near Homer prefabbed the cabin 10 miles out East End Road at King's place.

Lee also did the original log work on the Peanut Farm.

A top dog among Alaska log builders, he thought sod roofs to be a snare and a delusion (because they) so often failed to keep muddy water from leaking in.

Copper Nugget Cafe
by: Russ

As I remember it as a child growing up in Anchorage.

The large copper nugget sat at the entrance of the "Copper Nugget" cafe. As you walked in the nugget was on the left and the door on the right.

With my memory I would appreciate some corroboration on this.

Growing up in Alaska spoils you. I now live in Boise. But we still have family friends in Anchorage and visit from time to time.

In my 60's now but I still climb and hike a lot which I directly attribute to my childhood.

Copper Nugget
by: Ron

It was a copper nugget.

It came from the river at Gulkana, Alaska. Frank Carol from Valdez hauled it to Anchorage for the City Fathers.

Cabin ' Rock
by: Anonymous

The big rock in front of the cabin is still there, and is a chunk of Kobuk Valley Alaskan Jade, not copper.

A Note from Mike

Thank you for the correction -

I lived in Anchorage for a lot of years and for some reason I always thought it was copper.

Jade Boulder.
by: Anonymous

The nugget in front of the cabin is jade not copper.

A Note from Mike

Now I know how a Cheechako feels when they say the wrong thing about something in Alaska -

Not sure why, but I always thought it was copper. Thank you for setting me straight.

The Copper Nugget
by: Michael

The huge copper nugget that sat just outside the front door of the Anchorage Visitor's Center Log Cabin always fascinated me.

The cabin itself was a great idea.

Like you said, visitors love going inside the cabin if for no other reason than to be able to tell everyone that they actually got to go inside a real, Alaska log cabin.

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