Anchorage Moments

by Pat
(Anchorage, Alaska)

All these moments came from three homes.

The first was living at Fort Richardson during the time of Statehood.

The second was when we had a house (home) built new and lived a few blocks from the headquarters of the pipeline company.

The third was in College Village where Arlis Sturgelewski, Perry Green, Hoyt and Sue Cole and the Saupe family lived. (Wonderful neighbors).

We used to be entertained with moose sleeping in our backyard at night.

One time, after a deadly asthma attack and a ten-day stay in Providence Hospital, Thelma brought me home. As we got out of the car and walked up the steps we were accompanied by about 12 Angel Wings (dragonflies, turquoise and flying in formation.} We felt escorted as we went inside and saw them leave the front porch area.

Later the moose visited and snacked on our astroturf on the porch. (we have a picture somewhere.)

Were they God's welcome home team? We like to think so.

A Note from Anchorage Memories


Funny how those of us who call or once called Anchorage home, have special memories that stay with them.

And since you lived in a variety of places in Anchorage, you not only have special memories, but you lived through a lot of years and different times in Anchorage.

As for your moose sightings -

I didn't know that moose would munch on astroturf. But it must have looked like plain old grass to them... until they started munching.

Thank you for sharing your Anchorage memories.


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