Anchorage Coke Show

These Anchorage Coke Show Memories take you back to 1959 thru 1969 when Anchorage, Alaska DJ Ron Moore played the hits for you from high atop the Bun Drive-in.

Anchorage Coke Show MemoriesPopular Anchorage DJ Ron Moore

Also Known as

"The Royal Coachman"

"This is like visiting a Time Machine", Kathleen

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It Was Christmas Eve


And Ron took "The Coke Show" to new heights, literally, when the show originated from, as Ron used to say, "high atop the Bun Drive-in" at 601 Northern Lights Boulevard (later named "Wooly Bully Blvd" by Ron and the gang).

The Coke Show studio was a small booth, affectionately known as the "Chicken Coop." The tiny booth included a microphone, small mixer and two broadcast record turn tables for playing all the latest hits and requests.

The Chicken Coop sat on the roof of the Bun Drive-in overlooking the parking lot through a picture window.

You could easily see the Chicken Coop as you drove by the Bun Drive-in. It was like a living promotion for the very popular nightly show featuring Ron Moore and callers requesting songs, making dedications, or just wanting to say hello to Ron.

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The Royal Coachman

Theme Song on a 45 Record

The Royal Coachman theme song on a 45 recordDo you still have your 45 record collection?

Did you listen to "The Royal Coachman"?

On his radio show he was known as "The Royal Coachman" and to Anchorage, Alaska teens and adults too, Ron Moore was it.

Ron played all the latest rock and roll hits of the day with an occasional "blast from the past."

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fun "blast from the past"

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Royal Coachman

Theme Song

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Ron Moore

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Ron Moore at the microphonePlaying all the hits just for you

Anchorage Coke Show Memories

Anchorage teen band The Heartbeats

*And here's an "oldie but a goodie"

Listen to the

Pulsating Heartbeats hit song "Anne"

A Coke Show favorite

The Anchorage

Bun Drive-In

July 1963

Photo courtesy of Malcolm Burgess

Bun Drive-InThe Coke Show radio booth on the roof of Bun Drive-In

Anchorage Coke Show Memories - From high atop the Bun Drive-in

My name is Michael R Dougherty, also known as Mike. Me and a friend named Bob Martin had become a part of what Ron affectionately referred to as The Varsity Show Crew.

The Varsity Show was a live, local teen dance program hosted by Ron Moore and seen every Saturday on KTVA channel 11 in Anchorage.

And as local teens, Bob and I were very interested in learning everything we could about television and radio. So Ron invited us to be a part of the Coke Show.

Our job was to set up the booth before each show, get records ready to play as we sat next to him in the Chicken Coop, and answer the phone when he was too busy. And on occasion, Ron would invite us to talk on the air with him.

Ron gave Bob and I our "on-air" names. I was "Mighty Michael" and Bob was "Rapid Robert."

I've included some of my memories and encourage you to post your Coke Show memories too.

When you think of Anchorage radio stations, from 1959 through 1969 you probably remember tuning your dial at home and in your car to KENI radio so you could listen to Ron Moore.


What song did Ron Moore play at the end of his shows?

The answer is:

"Earth Angel" by the Penguins

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