The 1976 Walk for Hope
Music Video

by Michael Dougherty


Remember when as you look at the 1976 Walk for Hope. By the way, the song used for the video is “A Fifth of Beethoven” a disco instrumental by The Big Apple Band that was released that same year.

The first Walk for Hope took place in May 1970, when 4,500 Anchorage residents raised $137,000 dollars for what was then called “Hope Cottage.”

In 1976, Anchorage's Public Broadcasting station, KAKM channel 7, had a weekly TV magazine show called “Southcentral.” Director, videographer, and editor Michael R. Dougherty of Anchorage Memories, along with engineer Joe Gill, followed the 1976 Walk for Hope. KAKM engineer James Chafin provided the opening voice over, introducing the completed video.

It should be noted that for years after this walk, Hope Community Resources used the KAKM video to promote their yearly walk.

To keep up with the walkers and capture as much video of the walk as we could, Joe Gill and I drove along the walk route in the KAKM van. We would then come to a stop and set up our camera when we found interesting scenes.

Editing the video took hours and hours, but the finished “music video” is fun to watch.

Hope Community Resources is a non-profit organization started in 1968 by Nancy Stuart Johnson and called Hope Cottage. This very active organization provides community support to Alaskans and families who experience traumatic brain injury, mental health challenges, intellectual and developmental disabilities across the state of Alaska.

Now called “Walk and Roll for Hope” this event continues today as an important fundraiser for the organization. And Anchorage.

Did you ever walk for Hope?

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Music Video

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Anchorage Memories
by: Anonymous

My husband and daughters walk this in 1972 our first year in Alaska.

The oldest daughter finished the entire 26 miles.

Walking for Hope
by: Tanna Moddison

This video brought back so many great memories.

I walked for several years with a group of friends, I believe when it started it was 36 miles?

I remember it starting at an elementary school early in the morning. We'd start with jackets on, but it wasn't long before those got tied around our waists.

There was always someone with a boom box. By the end of the walk, we'd be sweaty, grimy, and sore, yet we'd do it again every year!

Great Little Film
by: Cindy Pen...

Thanks for sharing!

I don't wish to one up you, but I also have a video of a film we made of the walk in the late 60s I think, for maybe the second or third walk.

I donated a copy to the Walk for Hope folks a year or so ago, and they never knew it existed.

The original 16mm film is in the vaults at AMIPA. I have it on videotape, and enjoy pulling it out and watching it every once in a while.

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