Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help you easily post your precious stories and comments here on Anchorage Memories.

First of all

we want you to have fun

All posts submitted must be family friendly, contain no profanity, inflammatory or libelous content.

You retain the copyright to your posts and are free to publish them anywhere else.

Anchorage does not pay for posts (articles). By submitting your posts (articles) to Anchorage, you waive your right to payment of any kind.

Can I Leave Comments?

Q Can I leave comments on posts I read here?

A Yes! We encourage you to leave appropriate comments on the stories you read here.

*You'll find easy commenting forms at the end of every story.

Q Are comments moderated?

A Yes, we moderate all comments and stories that are submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q What kind of posts do you accept?

A We accept posts about your memories of Anchorage, Alaska. Whether you used to live in Anchorage or still live there.

*Check out this example.

Q Will my post be published "as is" or will it be edited?

A All submissions are reviewed prior to being posted and may be edited as deemed necessary.

*Remember, all posts must be family friendly and contain no profanity.

Q Will I be notified when my post is accepted on Anchorage

A Yes, you have the option to receive an email letting you know that your post has been accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What if I want to remove my post from your website at a later date?

A Because you retain the copyright to your post, Anchorage will remove your post at your request.

Q How often may I post?

A You may post as often as you like. The more the merrier.

Q Can I upload pictures to go with my post?

A Yes, it's very easy to upload pictures along with your posts. You can upload up to 4, But you must own the pictures you upload. You can not use pictures that are copyrighted by others.

*Check out this picture example

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is there a length requirement for posts?

A Yes, if you submit something that is only a few paragraphs in length, we can't publish your submission. Our website visitors enjoy reading full length stories, so make sure you give them a fun story.

There is no length requirement for comments

How To Post Your Stories

It's Easy

Pick the most appropriate story page, visit the page, and scroll down. You'll discover a very easy-to-use form where you can post your story. You'll also be able to upload pictures for your story if you have them.

Just a Few Story Pages:

Anchorage Alaska Stories - great memories of people, places and things in Anchorage

Fur Rondy - Anchorages winter festival and sled dog races

The Varsity Show - Anchorages teen TV dance program

Coke Show Memories - back to the Bun Drive-in with Anchorage DJ Ron Moore

Alaskan Railroad Stories - ride the rails for an Alaska adventure

Great Alaskan Earthquake - 1964 Good Friday Earthquake survivor stories

Anchorage Alaska Restaurants - stories, recipes and cooking Alaska style


I Have More Questions

We want to make your experience here on Anchorage a happy, nostalgic one.

If you have a question that is not covered here, just contact us and we'll answer your question as quickly as possible.

Now You're

All Set

To Write Your Posts

With all your questions answered, you're all set to start writing your stories and sharing them with our website visitors.

You're going to enjoy writing about your Anchorage Memories.

We can hardly wait to read your stories.

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