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Anchorage Entertainment Memories help you remember your favorite bands, Alaska movies, events and times so dear to your heart.

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Ron Moore Remembers
Anchorage Teen Night Clubs
On February 5, 2021, Anchorage Memories caught up with popular Anchorage DJ Ron Moore. We talked with Ron about his involvement with some of Anchorage's …

Dean Forbes and
Mother's Apple Pie and
Baseball Band
The following interview with one time Anchorage, Alaska musician Dean Forbes was conducted in December, 2017 by Anchorage Anchorage Memories …

4th Avenue Theater
Hold the Butter
What was the most embarrassing moment of your life? Mine may have been the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most embarrassing moments of my life all wrapped up into …

the Anchorage Music Scene?
Do you remember some of the bands that made up the Anchorage, Alaska music scene back in the 1960's to 1970's? Rock Bands The band in the picture …

Winter Time at an
Anchorage Drive-In Theater
The picture above is either the old Billiken or Sundowner Drive-in theater in Anchorage. Remember going to one of the drive-in theaters in Anchorage …

4th Avenue Theater Anchorage 
The perfect place in Anchorage to see a movie - Imagine the first time you went to see a movie at Anchorage's famed 4th Avenue Theater. Just standing …

Hollywood North
Alaskan Produced Movies
Scroll down to view clips from some of these movies . Alaska is a long way from Hollywood, but Alaskan movie makers don't let that keep them from …

Early Bands of Anchorage 
My father, Gene Smith, moved up to Alaska in the 1930's. He was a musician, played sax and trumpet, and formed one of the earliest bands in Anchorage. …

The Pulsating Heartbeats
Anchorage Band
Check out the Heartbeats song "Anne" near the bottom of this story. On the Coke Show you heard Ron Moore talk about the "Pulsating Heartbeats" and you …

Race Track Memories
The fast and furious racing in Anchorage - There I was on a warm summer day in Anchorage, Alaska, hammer in hand, pounding away on the vitals of a race …

Arrived in Anchorage
Mod. Was from the clothing style from the late fifties named so from, the Modern Jazz Musicians. First time, we heard about Mod was from what the, Beatles …

Fuzzy Sprinkle
Anchorage Racing Legend
 Not rated yet
Are you a fan of Anchorage car or snowmobile racing in Anchorage? Anchorage Memories caught up with Anchorage racing legend David "Fuzzy" Sprinkle and …

The Pines Club
and The Pacesetters
 Not rated yet
I was raised in Alaska and left for 8 or 9 years at age 17. In 1977 I was offered a job as the lead guitar player for The Pacesetters, one month guaranteed. …

Anchorage Music of the 70's Not rated yet
I was 9 years old when we were in Anchorage. My mother was the vocal and organ player for Warren Johnson and the Riding Tide, then went on to play …

He was Joniko in the movie
"Joniko and the Kush Ta Ka"
 Not rated yet
Amazing scenery, close encounters with wildlife and the story of a young boy and a Tlinget legend came together in 1969 with the release of a movie produced …

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Do you remember some of the bands that made up the Anchorage, Alaska music scene back in the 1960's to 1970's? Great Anchorage Entertainment Memories.

Maybe it's those long Anchorage nights, or because Alaska is so far away from the rest of the United States, or maybe it's both.

When you live in Anchorage, you get out into the great outdoors, but you also love movies, dining out and enjoying live music or plays.

Anchorage Entertainment


Did you ever go to an outdoor concert on the longest summer day?

How bout a fun evening at the 4th Avenue Theater?

Or did you have a favorite Anchorage band?

From going to see a drive-in movie to dancing the night away to the sounds of a popular band, Anchorage residents have great memories of their favorite forma of entertainment in Anchor town.

And whether you were in a band, loved hearing one play, or you were an actor in local plays or really enjoyed attending plays in local theaters, you have wonderful memories of those great times.

My family and I were involved in producing some local plays, but we also went to lots of dances at Shindig City and the Cheetah teen night clubs during the 1960s.

Even though winters started to get long and cold, we always found something fun to do.

The Anchorage Entertainment Memories on this page are all posted here by people who either still live in and around Anchorage, or did once upon a time.

You'll love reading these cherished memories almost as much as those who posted them to preserve and to share them.

While those who live in Alaska, and especially in and around Anchor town, know all too well how far they are from the "lower 48" or "lower 49" including Hawaii. But that not only doesn't stop Anchorage folk from finding lots of things to do.

Alaskan movie makers wrote and produced movies to entertain not only Alaska, but the world. Musicians in Alaska's largest city are second to none and provide great music day and night. And stages all across town host incredible entertainment from wonderful plays to fun shows of all kinds.

Now while you enjoy these stories, be sure to scroll up and post your memories as well.

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