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There's nothing like home in and around Anchorage

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Alaska is a big place, in fact it's as big as two thirds of the entire United States (the "lower 48", or 49 when you include Hawaii) so when you travel around the state of Alaska you'll need a map to locate what you're looking for.

To help you find what you're looking for here on Anchorage, we've created this very handy Map - and you don't even have to fold it back up (remember those road maps?)

Now you can easily scroll through the handy dandy information below to find stories, Anchorage videos, books and more fun.

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There is nothing like home in Anchorage

Fun Alaska Stories

Stories from all over Alaska

Amazing stories about driving the Alaska Highway

Memories of life and visits in and around Alaska's largest city

1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake

Survivors tell their incredible stories of surviving the 1964 earthquake

Rarely seen pictures of Anchorage damage taken by those who survived
the 1964 Good Friday Alaska earthquake

Fur Rendezvous Stories

Fun stories about the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival

Anchorage Radio and Television Stories

Nostalgic stories about your favorite Anchorage radio and television
personalities and shows

Funny Alaska Short Stories

Check out these fun Alaska stories and get ready to smile

Coke Show Memories

Remember the Bun Drive-in, DJ Ron Moore and calling in your requests?
Now you can listen in once again.

The Varsity Show

Remembering Anchorage's own live teen dance show on KTVA channel 11

Northern Lites

Quick Alaska stories to keep you smiling

Ride the Alaska Railroad

Fun stories about riding the train in Alaska

Alaska Food Recipes and Stories

Yummy Alaskan recipes and fun stories

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Discover Mary's Alaskan heritage

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Learn about Mike's Alaska background

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