Mission Statement

Anchorage Memories is all about preserving your memories online.

Mission Statement -

Mission Statement

We're on an Anchorage Memories mission

What happens to your precious memories?

In time they fade and they are sadly forgotten.

With that in mind, Anchorage Memories is here to:

Preserve and share your stories of life and adventure while living in, or visiting Anchorage, Alaska.

From your early memories of living in Anchorage before and after statehood, to more recent stories, including those from tourists who have visited Anchorage.

Anchorage Memories celebrates the joy of being able to preserve your stories online so they can easily be shared by your friends and family and by others who live or have lived in Anchorage, and by those who are curious about life in the 49th state.

Mission Statement - How You Can Participate

Our mission is also to make it easy for you to post your Anchorage memories.

It's Easy, It's Fast, It's Fun

Our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page answers your questions about posting your stories.

Do you have questions?

You can easily contact us to ask a question, make a comment, or just to say "hey."

Creating The Anchorage Memories Website

Mike and Mary came up with the idea of creating a website for Anchorage Memories a long time ago.

Even though they no longer live in Alaska, the two have fond memories of their many years in the 49th state. Both lived in Anchorage before and after statehood and saw Anchorage grow from a small town into a big city.

Mary's family has deep roots in Alaska with their mother Fedoria spending most of her early childhood years in the Athapascan village of Point Possession just across Cook Inlet from Anchorage.

Mike's family first moved to Anchorage in 1950 when Mike was just three years old. Growing up in and around Anchorage, Mike has experienced the Alaska that some only dream of.

So the idea of creating this website to give you a place to preserve your Anchorage memories online, come right from the hearts of Mike and Mary.

And our Mission Statement reflects our heartfelt desire.

With the internet, you can post your Anchorage Memories online so that your family and friends an enjoy reading them any time the want, no matter where they live on planet Earth.

Your Anchorage stories get their very own free web page here on Anchorage Memories.com and you can even upload pictures if you choose to. And it's all free.

Now what could be better than that?

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