How to Post Your Anchorage Memories

How to Post Your Anchorage Memories makes it easy to preserve your precious memories for your family and friends to enjoy. It's as easy as 1- 2 - 3

Step 1 Your Post Title

A  What is your post about?  For example, is your post about the great Alaskan earthquake? Maybe you can use the location you were in during the earthquake. One visitor used "Shaking on Boniface."

B  But don't worry - if you can't decide on a title, just leave it blank and we will give your post a good title for you.

C  Now go ahead and enter your title in the form below. Once you enter your title, the rest of the form will appear.

After you write your title, use the form below your title to start your post.

Step 2 Your Post (your story)

Here are some prompts to help you tell your story. Tell us where you lived in Anchorage, how old you were, what did your parents do in Alaska.

In your story, tell us why you liked living in Anchorage, why you liked your neighborhood and the people who lived there.

What are you writing about? Spending summer days at Goose Lake in Anchorage, fishing, shopping, car drives, living in a cabin, picking wild berries?

Tell us all about it. How did you get ready, what did you like about it, what are your favorite memories about it?

Step 3 Now You're Ready to Tell us Your Story

Do You Have A Great Alaska Story to Tell?

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How To Post Your Anchorage Memories

Now that you've written your story, you'll receive an email letting you know that we've received your story.

Once your story has been reviewed, your story will have it's very own web page here on Anchorage, so that your family and friends can read your story anytime.

It's Fast, It's Easy, It's Fun

Your memories of life in Anchorage

These are very precious and we want to help you to easily preserve your great land memories right here on Anchorage

Our website visitors love to read the wonderful stories posted here and Mike and Mary (the authors of this special website) want to make it easy and fun for you to post your memories.

If you have any questions, you can Contact Us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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