Just an Anchorage
Junkyard Kid

by Sam Delozier
(Dixon calif)

Anchorage in the 1950s

Anchorage in the 1950s

My name is Sam Delozier, and I was born and raised in Anchorage.

My dad was John Delozier, and he owned a towing business in Anchorage called Alaska Towing and Wrecking.

I grew up in that wrecking yard.

I was just a dirt junkyard kid but the fun I had and the memories I have are unforgettable.

A gentleman wrote an article about his father, Bud Borders, who was a stock car racer. I knew Bud well. He and my dad raced together. Bud's car number at one time was 8. My dad wanted that number, but Bud wouldn't give it up.

So, my dad took 00 and called it the lazy 8. He later took 8 1/2.

My dad was also a bush pilot and flew a Cessna 180.

Our wrecking yard was right across from Merrill field. When the bush planes would take off, if I knew the pilot, I would run across 5th ave onto the tarmac and get in the plane for a ride right on the take-off and landing pad. What a joyful memory.

My Godfather was Jay Hammond.

I went to Denali elementary school and then to Central jr. High.

Later in life, I raced motocross.

I rode a Husqvarna motorcycle and when I won my first race, the man who owned the Anchorage Harley dealership presented me with my trophy.

I remember the 1964 earthquake and how scared I was every time there was an aftershock.

So many memories and so much to write about. I left anchorage in 1972, and I have never been back but hope to make it someday.

Thanks for this website, Anchorage Memories.com

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Junkyard Kid

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by: Anonymous

If you won before 1970, the owner of the Harley dealership would have been Dave "Pappy" Burns, the shop was in Muldoon.

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