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Seward's Folly

It all began way back in 1867 when U.S. Secretary of State, William H. Seward headed up the idea of purchasing Alaska from Russia.

The purchase price ended up at around two cents an acre, or $7.2 million dollars.

But Seward's purchase was not popular with some and Alaska became known as "Seward's Folly", "Seward's Icebox" and "Walrussia". But, many years later, a major Highway out of Anchorage was named in honor of William H. Seward.

In 1912, Alaska became a Territory of the United States.

Then a Tiny Settlement


Around 1914


as a "Tent City"

Anchorage Tent City

It didn't get started because someone discovered gold, although gold was discovered along Turnagain Arm (Cook Inlet) in 1888.

Anchor Town got it's start way back in 1914 when a construction camp was needed for the Alaska Railroad. So a kind of "tent city" was cobbled together at the mouth of Ship Creek and later along the bluff area.

Most of the first residents were railroad employees.

Anchorage's First

Daily Newspaper

Cook Inlet Pioneer newspaper

In 1915 while Anchorage was still a tent city, the "Cook Inlet Pioneer" was Anchorage's first daily newspaper. It would later became the Anchorage Daily Times.

Still a Territory


the streets of down town anchorage in 1944

Just 30 years later in 1944, our town was looking more like any small town in the United States. 

The tent city had moved "up the hill" away from Ship Creek and to what would become the town's main street, 4th Avenue.

History of Anchorage Alaska


"Park Strip"

In the summer of 1924, it was used as Anchorage's first air strip

Delaney Park 1924

Because of it's remote location and a lack of roads, airplanes quickly became very important to Alaska's largest city and the rest of the Great Land.

Planes could easily bring in supplies for a growing community.

The first place for airplanes to land in Anchorage was what is now know as the "Park Strip".

History of Anchorage Alaska

Merrill Field Tower

Tower at Merrill Field

Later in 1930, Merrill Field, named after Alaskan aviation pioneer, Russel Merrill, replaced the Park Strip as the official airport for Anchorage.

Following that, the Park Strip became the largest dedicated park in Anchorage. Today, it's still a large, community gathering place for dignitary visits from all over the world.

During the 1930s, Merrill Field had so much air traffic that it became the most active civilian airport in the entire U.S.

Anchorage International Airport opened in 1951.

Did You Know?


Dry Goods Store

the picture below

is from 1997

Kimball's Dry Goods

Kimball's Dry Goods Store, was located at 500 and 504 West 5th Avenue in downtown Anchorage from 1915 to 2002.

It is the only building to have been at it's original location, from the founding of our town. Established by Irving J. Kimball and later operated by his daughter until her death in 2002.


Airport Cafe

Peggy's Airport Cafe

Looking at the history of Anchorage Alaska, Peggy's Airport Cafe (now just "Peggy's Cafe") Located at 1675 E. 5th Avenue, across from Merrill Field, was first opened by Peggy Lott, who lived to be 103 years of age.

The pies served at Peggy's were made from recipes created by Peggy Lott and June Bowen. Feodoria Pennington, the mother of Mary Dougherty of Anchorage Memories, used to bake the pies at Peggy's.

Old Federal Building

Old Federal Building in Anchorage

Located across the street from the 4th Avenue Theater.

This building was constructed in stages from 1939 to 1941.


Air Force Base

Now Joint Base Elmendorf - Richardson

Anchorage's air force base

Anchorage got a large boost in it's population when Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson were built just out of town in the 1940s.

By 1951, our town had a population of around 47,000.

History of Anchorage Alaska

Statehood Newspaper


Newspaper headlines declaring statehood

The newspaper headline above says it all.

On January 3, 1959, Alaska became the 49th state.

To celebrate, Anchorage had a community gathering at a huge bonfire.

Good Friday

March 27, 1964

The Earth Shook

for 5 Minutes

Destruction on L Street

in Anchorage

The Four Seasons apartments (which were under construction and collapsed during the quake) are seen in front of the original Providence Hospital in the top of the picture below.

After the 1964 Alaska earthquake

On Good Friday, March 27, 1964 the earth began to shake.

It began at 5:36pm and lasted for 5 minutes.

When it was finally over, destruction was everywhere in Anchorage and in other parts of the state.

The quake measured a magnitude of 9.2 and was the largest ever recorded in North America.

But like always, Anchorage bounced back -

Yes, I want to check out these amazing Alaska 1964 Earthquake Stories right now.

History of Anchorage Alaska


Oil Pipeline

Alaska oil pipeline

Four years after the Great Alaska Earthquake, in 1968, oil was discovered in Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Slope.

A pipeline was constructed that runs from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez.

Pipeline construction brought a boom economy to what had by then, become a large city.

Modern Day

City Skyline

Anchorage today

Much has changed over the years when it comes to the history of Anchorage Alaska.

From a crude tent city on the muddy backs of Ship Creek in 1914, to the skyline of today's modern city with all the services and amenities you'd expect to find anyplace in the United States.

Nostalgic Anchorage Memories

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A Rich History

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History of Anchorage Alaska

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