History of Anchorage Alaska

History of Anchorage Alaska and vicinity gives you interesting online resources for Alaska's unique past.

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Alaska has such a rich history -

And because you may have lived or visited in many places in the 49th state, Anchorage Alaska Memories wants to make it easy and convenient for you to discover historical information and stories from all over the great state.

Here you'll discover links that will take you to websites in Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, Knik and many more historical websites across Alaska.

And besides discovering fun and interesting stories, we encourage you to post your stories right here on where we're all about preserving your memories of growing up, living in or visiting Alaska.

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History of Anchorage Alaska

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Anchorage Alaska Memories

Whether you grew up in or around Anchor Town, or you visited Alaska, you'll love checking out the many pages of memories you'll discover here on Anchorage Memories.com

And we also encourage you to post your Alaska memories too.

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Anchorage Alaska Memories

All too often, our precious memories fade with time and after a while, they become forgotten.

Because of this Anchorage Alaska Memories website, you can easily preserve your Alaska memories online by posting your stories. And family and friends, as well as other visitors to this website, can comment on your posts. And by the way, all posts and comments are moderated, so all posts and comments that appear on this website are appropriate and family friendly.

And that means, your posts and comments are protected and give our visitors a fun look at growing up, living in, or visiting Alaska.

How many times have you mentioned that you lived in or visited Alaska, and someone told you they had always wanted to visit the 49th state?

People are fascinated by Alaska, and most people would like to visit the great land.

Because of that, we offer this History of Anchorage Alaska resource page and this fun website.

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