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Norma Goodman StoryThe First Lady of Anchorage Television

Do you remember watching Norma Goodman on Anchorage TV?

Were you a guest on her show “Hostess House”, later renamed after the lady herself, “The Norma Goodman Show”?

Anchorage Memories caught up with Norma's family, so now you can discover these fun facts about Anchorage's First Lady of Anchorage Television.

The Norma Goodman Story

The following except is from an interview with Norma's children.

Anchorage Memories – Mike and Mary:

Did your mom ever tell you any funny stories about some of her Hostess House guests?

Stuart and Kelly:

You might remember Jim Fowler, the sidekick to Marlin Perkins on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, which ran from I think 1963 to 1988. 

Jim used to bring animals on the show, including the monkey that famously peed on Johnny Carson during the Tonight Show.  Jim didn’t realize that Norma was deathly afraid of snakes (and most critters except cats.

So when he walked onto the set with a 10-foot-long Boa Constrictor, Norma screamed and fled the set

On live TV. 

And she did not return. 

They ran a filler program that day.

Now you can enjoy the entire story

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Book Cache MemoriesWhat are your favorite Book Cache Memories?

Anchorage Stories remembers how this much-loved business got its start in a tiny space inside a local museum.

Remember those fun days with a good book inside these iconic stores that hold such fond memories.

Book Cache Memories

Does it surprise you to learn that it didn’t start out as The Book Cache?

The original idea was to have a variety of stores under the name “The Cache”.

Those stores included The Book Cache, The Stamp, and Coin Cache, Barb’s Cache and Carry, and Cache Dining and Cocktails.

But the idea didn’t work very well.

The first to go was Cache Dining and Cocktails.


“The Book Cache” became an Anchorage icon.

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crusin with gto joeDo you remember GTO Joe?

GTO Joe used to cruise around Anchorage and hang out at the Coke Show and Goose Lake.

Anchorage Memories caught up with Joe who shared some great memories.

Meet GTO Joe and enjoy remembering Anchorage in the 1960s.

The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Anchorage Memories – Mike and Mary:

When you drove your GTO around Anchorage, did you go to places like Goose Lake?

GTO Joe:

Yes I did.

I was at the Coke Show several times during the week, then downtown to cruise up and down 4th Ave to see who else was out cruising around. And to Goose Lake in the summer to get a little sun and do a little swimming.

Enjoy your visit with GTO Joe.

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Pacesetters MemoriesDid you attend the dances and concerts?

Do you remember those fun dances, the local bands and the concerts featuring groups with national hits?

Betty Poeschel of Betty's Record Den and Pacesetters sat down with Anchorage Memories and you get to enjoy her memories.

From the first time Pacesetters got together, to helping a local band record a hit record.

Pacesetters Memories

an interview with

Betty Poeschel

Anchorage Memories – Mike and Mary:

Betty, you held the Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs concert at West high school, but you had to do this one a little differently. What did you do?


At West, we held the concert in the gym, so Anchorage teens could also dance. But because it was a special gym floor, the teens had to check their shoes and coats in the West high auditorium. We actually put their belongings in the auditorium seats.

Now you can remember those fun Pacesetter dances.

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Betty's Record Den

Betty Poeschel of Betty's Record Den remembers her shop as a fun hang-out for teens from Anchorage and all over Alaska.

Did you ever open the green door and enter the world of Betty's Record Den?

Join in the fun and remember when with Betty.

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Lucky Wishbone StoryDo you know how it all got started?

The Lucky Wishbone Story

with Patricia Brown

There was a start-up restaurant in Tucson whose take-out operation (though not their food) Dad really liked; the name was the Lucky Wishbone.

Eight months later there was a new Lucky Wishbone in Anchorage, Alaska. It featured a similar take-out arrangement, but a very different menu.

Dad, then a labor foreman and a partner, Sven Jonasson, built the new restaurant almost entirely themselves, evenings and weekends, while Mom worked at the A&W.”

“Great true Alaskan story” Roger

You'll enjoy this Lucky Wishbone story.

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Anchorage Stories

A Penney's Worth of MushLeggs Leino and the Hustlia Hustler

A Penney's Worth of Mush

“Soon we could hear people shouting in the distance, and everyone knew it was a Musher.

No, two Mushers were battling for position.

In 1969, JC Penney's in Anchorage, Alaska sponsored sled dog racing favorite George Attla, “the Huslia Hustler” in his bid to win that year's Fur Rendezvous sled dog race championship…”

Author Marci Peterson was there and tells this story.

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Anchorage Film Maker George PendletonThe story of a dedicated Anchorage filmmaker.

Anchorage Filmmaker

Bob Pendleton

Bob bought his first camera from Stewart's Photo in downtown Anchorage. He was a self-taught photographer who learned his creative trade while working at Stewart's.

Anchorage, Alaska filmmaker Bob Pendleton made the documentary “Tayaru” and was part of the team that made the movie “Sourdough”.

Cindy Pendleton tells us about how Bob came to Alaska, his passion for filmmaking and how he helped bring two now classic Alaska films to the screen.

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Drive-In LionsMeet two Anchorage icons - Princess and Timbo

The Story of

Princess and Timbo

The lions' caregiver had a station wagon that had bars on the windows, and he would take Princess for rides. She was also in a 4th of July parade in the car driven by Art.  

If Princess thought that her ride was not long enough she would refuse to get out of the car – spoiled Princess that she was.

Timbo NEVER wanted to go in the car.  He would put his nose in the air as if that was beneath his grand stature!

Get the real story behind these “Drive-In Lions”.

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Anchorage stories of people, places, and events that we remember.

Brought to life they take us back to memories we cherish. While you read, your imagination will transport you back to those good times that you may have forgotten.

And you may even learn something about Anchorage that you didn't know before.

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