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anchorage alaskaDowntown 4th Avenue and a favorite movie theatre.

I just want to say thank you. I have been in Anchorage since 1953, and you have helped me remember so much.” Lynnie

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Growing up and living in Anchorage is a unique experience. Remember how much fun it was to go downtown?

You could see a movie at the 4th Avenue Theatre, which was almost everyone's favorite. It was our movie palace. Do you remember seeing movies at the 4th Avenue theatre (pictured above)?

Remember Woolworth's?

Woolworth's June 27 1961 Photo by Ward WellsPhoto by Ward Wells

Next to the theatre, in the 1950s, on the corner of 4th and F streets, was the Oyster Loaf Café. Later, in that same location, Woolworth's joined the downtown scene with its fun lunch counter.

4th Avenue, and the Federal Building

federal buildingCelebrating Alaska's Statehood in 1958

On the other side of 4th Avenue is the Federal Building (pictured above), which takes up an entire block.

Did you know that at one time, the Federal Building also housed a jail?

Stewarts Photo Shop

stewarts photo shop

Just up the avenue to the east is Stewart's Photo Shop, a great place to pick up some film, or a new camera. Stewart's is also home to Star, the most famous Reindeer in Alaska.

The Anchorage Visitor's Log Cabin and City Hall

visitor's log cabin water colorWatercolor by Alaskan Artist Cindy Pendleton

Across the street from Stewart's Photo is the Visitor's Log Cabin and the old City Hall.

The Visitor's Log Cabin (pictured above), with its sod roof (snow-covered in the winter) is a must-see for tourists from around the world. And the old City Hall with its big, inviting lawn was a fun place to stop and enjoy the sights of the city.

Kimball's Dry Goods

kimbals dry goodsThe upstairs was the family residence

Behind City Hall was Kimball's Dry Goods (pictured above), one of the oldest buildings in Anchorage, dating back to around 1916 when the town was still just a tent city.

Downtown Loussac Library

Loussac Library 5th and F street 1955 CROPPED

Do you remember the downtown Loussac Library? Pictured above, it was a great place to do your homework or browse the many books.

Anchorage Municipal Auditorium

Sydney Laurence Auditorium

And you could always enjoy a play or a concert at the Anchorage Municipal Auditorium.

Also known as the Sydney Laurence Auditorium, it was named after one-time Anchorage resident and the most well-known artist in Alaska, Sydney Laurence.

These are just a few of the wonderful memories you'll discover as you browse the library of fun-filled pages here on Anchorage Memories.

Enjoy your visit.

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Great Memories

The Sears Mall

sears mallThis was the first Mall in Anchorage

When the town first learned that they were going to build a mall, there was excitement in the air.

An area of town off Northern Lights Boulevard that had been nothing more than a bog, was going to be cleared and turned into a shopping center and gathering place.

What were your favorite stores in Anchorage's first mall?

Remember Grandma's Closet, Andy's Carmel Corn, and the Book Cache?


This edition of the Anchorage Memories VIP Club looks at how Anchorage's first mall, the Sears Mall, came about.

Take a look at Anchorage Sears Mall Memories and remember.

“Thank you for all you do to bring

these Memories to my heart.” Jody

Anchorage Radio and TV Memories

Familiar Faces

anchorage radio and television memories

Remember your favorites?

  • “Mother Moose”, “The Coke Show”, “The Varsity Show”.
  • Remember Theda Comstock and Norma Goodman?
  • How about Romper Room or Koko the KENI Klown?

You can revisit your favorite Anchorage radio and TV shows and personalities right here.

Our local radio and television brought us together. Remember watching the Fur Rendezvous sled dog races? And listening to the Coke Show with Ron Moore?

What were your favorite shows? Who were your favorite TV and radio personalities?

Take a look at Anchorage Radio and Television Memories and enjoy.

Look for the word “BONUS

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A Local Favorite

The Arctic Roadrunner

arctic roadrunnerWhat is (was) your favorite local hamburger?

Places filled with fond memories.

  • The Lucky Wishbone
  • Arctic Road Runner
  • The Double Musky Inn

What was (is) your favorite Anchorage restaurant or burger place? Do you remember those great fries at the A&W Drive-In located in Mountain View?

We all have our favorites. Some are gone now, but some are still serving up great food.

You'll be hungry when you read these stories and remember when.

Take a look at Anchorage Restaurant Memories and enjoy

Interesting stories,

love Anchorage Memories.” Christine

Nostalgic Pictures

Spenard Road, and Fireweed Lane 1955

spenard 1955

Photo above courtesy of John Parker

I love looking at

the photos you share.” Beth

Yes, you'll discover a huge number of photos all over this Anchorage Memories website. Many are being shared here by our website visitors. Do you have pictures you'd like to share?

Did You Grow Up in Anchorage?

What neighborhood(s) did you grow up in?

Where did you go to school?

Where did you play?

What did you like to do?

Who were your friends?

What were your favorite local TV and radio shows?

The Mother Moose Show, Romper Room, The Buckaroos, The Varsity Show, or the Coke Show?

You'll remember so much here on Anchorage Memories.

Did You Live in Anchorage?

Do You Still Live There?

What are your favorite memories of the Fur Rendezvous?

The Loussac Library downtown, the 4th Avenue Theatre, Anchorage High School, and were you there, and what were you doing when the 1964 Good Friday earthquake struck Alaska?

Posting Your Memories

Many of the posts you'll discover here were submitted by website visitors just like you.

Do you have a memory you would like to share?

To learn how, check out How to Post Your Anchorage Memories right now.

Mike and Mary Created Anchorage

mike and maryThat's Mary on your left and Mike on the right


One of us was born and raised in Anchorage. And one of us came to Anchorage when they were only 3 years old.

Take a look at our story and enjoy.

We're Mike and Mary Dougherty, and we created Anchorage Memories just for you.

Mary was born in the old Providence Hospital and raised in Anchorage.

You can Meet Mary right here.

Mike first came to Anchor town when he was 3 years old in 1950, and he brought his mom and dad with him. (OK, you do the math, and you'll find out Mike's age).

You can Meet Mike right here.

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With all of this in mind, what better way to enjoy your wonderful memories than with this website, where you can also share your recollection of life in this special place called Anchorage, Alaska.

And don't be shy about sharing.

We're all friends here because we have something in common, an exceptional bond.

We all have our Anchorage Memories.

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