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Growing up and living in Anchorage, Alaska is a unique experience. And your memories of those times are precious.

As you look through this wonderful collection, you'll be reminded of things you haven't thought of in years.

Did You Know?

Anchorage has a fascinating history, and you'll really enjoy discovering how your town came about and grew into the special place you love.

tent cityIt all began as a tent city in 1915

You'll enjoy looking back at our town's beginning as a rugged tent city, meeting the pioneers and reliving memories up through the 1970s.

Plus you can easily post your comments and add your precious memories. You'll learn how as you scroll down this page.

Do You Remember?

Sears MallThis was the first Mall in Anchorage

Thank you for all you do to bring

these Memories to my heart.” Jody

Do you remember?

  • “Mother Moose”, “The Coke Show”, “The Varsity Show”.
  • Remember Theda Comstock and Norma Goodman?
  • And how about Romper Room or Koko the KENI Klown?

You can revisit your favorite Anchorage radio and TV shows and personalities right here.

What were your favorites? Who were your favorites?

Check out Anchorage Radio and Television Memories right now.

Look for the word "BONUS"

You'll discover special treats, gifts and more information when you find a “BONUS” all throughout this Anchorage Memories website. 

A Local Favorite

Arctic RoadrunnerWhat is (was) your favorite burger?

Do you remember?

  • The Lucky Wishbone
  • The Arctic Road Runner
  • The Double Musky Inn

What was (is) your favorite Anchorage restaurant or burger place?

You'll be hungry when you read these stories and remember when.

Check out Anchorage Restaurant Memories right now.

Interesting stories,

love Anchorage Memories.” Christine

Pictures You'll Enjoy

Spenard 1955Intersection of Spenard Road and Fireweed Lane 1955

Photo above courtesy of John Parker

I love looking at

the photos you share.” Beth

Posting Your Memories

Many of the memories you'll discover here were submitted by website visitors just like you.

Do you have a memory you would like to share?

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Who Created Anchorage Memories?

Mike and MaryThat's Mary on your left and Mike on the right


One of us was born and raised in Anchorage. And one of us came to Anchorage when they were only 3 years old.

Discover our story right now.

We're Mike and Mary Dougherty, and we created Anchorage Memories just for you.

Mary was born in the old Providence Hospital and raised in Anchorage.

You can Meet Mary right here.

Mike first came to Anchor town when he was 3 years old in 1950, and he brought his mom and dad with him. (OK, you do the math, and you'll find out Mike's age).

You can Meet Mike right here.

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With all of this in mind, what better way to enjoy your wonderful memories than with this website, where you can also share your memories of life in this special place called Anchorage, Alaska.

And don't be shy about sharing your memories.

We're all friends here because we have something in common, an exceptional bond.

We have our Anchorage Memories.


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