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Double Musky Inn, Girdwood, Alaska tells the story about how this, now world famous place got it's start.

Today, the Double Musky Inn
hosts a fine restaurant with
customers that come from
around the world.

But it didn't start that way.
You'll love this Alaska story.

Anchorage DJ Ron Moore talks about his radio career and the Coke Show.

Anchorage DJ Ron Moore talks
about his radio career.

Including how he created
the "Coke Show".

Remember when?

Fireball XL5 was a popular TV show that helped create memories during the 1064 great Alaskan Earthquake.

Right after the quake,
one of the first questions
all of us survivors asked
each other was "where were
you when the quake struck?"
"I was watching
"Fireball XL5" on TV".

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Alaska commercial fishing is
the hardest, most dangerous work
I have ever done in my life.
When I was only 16, my dad
got me a job on a purse seiner
out of the picturesque town of
Cordova, Alaska on
Prince William Sound.
I had no idea what a
purse seiner was,
but I was about to find out.

Remember The Varsity Show?

With a book foreward by
Ron Moore,
The Royal Coachman

you'll love remembering this
Anchorage TV gem.

And you'll enjoy fascinating
behind-the-scenes stories.

Grab your free copy right now

The Beatles in Anchorage
You'll get swept up in
Beatlemania when you
read Mary's amazing story
about how she came
Face-to-Face with
John Lennon in
downtown Anchorage

Do you have a story
about living in, or visiting 
Anchorage Alaska?

Were you living in Anchorage
before Alaska became
the 49th state?

How much do you really know
about Anchorage, Alaska?

Check out these cool
Anchorage facts

Do you remember your
favorite Alaska radio and
television shows?

Check out these fun
stories and
remember when.

Listen to the Coke Show

as Coke Show Memories
takes you back to
1959 thru 1969
when Anchorage Alaska DJ
Ron Moore played the hits
from high atop the
Bun Drive-in.

Lots of great Alaska memories.

Great Alaskan Earthquake Stories

5:36pm, Good Friday,
March 27th, 1964

It felt like it would
never stop. And when it
was over we learned that it
was a magnitude 9.2 earthquake
that had lasted 5 minutes.
And it was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded
in north America.

What were you favorite
Anchorage bands,
restaurants, or events?

Your favorite movie theater?

You'll love remembering
these fun stories.

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Alcan Highway Stories

Alcan Highway stories

by people who have
driven and experienced
the Alaska Highway.

A fun place where you'll discover

FREE nostalgic Alaska books

visit this fun cache

you'll be glad you did


The Varsity Show, Anchorage

The Varsity Show was

a live TV dance show
on KTVA Channel 11
for Anchorage teens.

Did you watch, dance or
work on
The Varsity show?

How would you like
a nostalgic look at
Anchorage, Alaska
back in the day?

Check out this collection
of Alaska videos right now

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Fur Rondy Stories

Back in 2012,
the Fur Rendezvous Festival

was selected as the
number one Winter Carnival
in the world,
by National Geographic Traveler.

In Alaska, everyone knows
that late February
is time for fun.

Alaskan Railroad

Peaceful railway trips
through beautiful valleys
surrounded by majestic
Alaskan mountains
and over swift running
streams and rivers.

Enjoy an
Alaska Railroad Adventure

Alaska Cuisine

Your favorite Anchorage
restaurants and stories
about yummy Alaska food
recipes for your
reading and dining

Do you have Alaska
food recipes
that you
can share?

Funny Alaska Stories

Funny Alaska Stories
that are guaranteed to
make you smile.
These are original stories
about Alaska.

Take a moment to enjoy
and smile.

Northern Lights, Alaska

A fun collection
of very short stories about
Alaska that have been
submitted by visitors here
on AnchorageMemories.com.

And, you'll discover the
real Northern Lights too.

Easy to follow,
Step-by-step instructions
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Alaska memories right here
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Meet Mary who was
born and raised in Anchorage
and spent her summers
at her families
commercial fishing site
in Cook Inlet.

Mary has a lifetime
of precious Alaska
stories to tell.

Meet Mike and discover
how he first came to
Anchorage, Alaska when he
was just 3 years old.

Mike has a treasure chest
full of stories to tell
about when he lived in
the last frontier.

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Mary and Mike


We're Mike and Mary Dougherty and we created Anchorage Memories

Mary was born in the old Providence Hospital and raised in Anchorage.

You can Meet Mary right here.

Mike's family first came to Anchorage in the 1950's when Mike was only 3 years old. (ok, you do the math and you'll find out Mike's age).

You can Meet Mike right here.

Mary and I grew up, went to school, met each other, got married and had our children in Anchorage. So for us, like many of you, Alaska is a magical place. And like a visit to the Anchorage Museum, a stroll through Anchorage brings back a flood of incredible memories.

Mary is part Alaskan Indian and her family owns Point Possession, a commercial fishing site that sits right across Cook Inlet from Anchorage. Her family fished there every summer. Some family members still carry on that tradition.

Mike's father was a heavy equipment operator and cleared much of the land in and around Anchorage including A&W Rootbeer near Mountain View, East Anchorage High School and West Chester Lagoon, just to name a few.

Mary and her family grew up in and around downtown Anchorage, while Mike's family lived in Anchorage, Wasilla, and in Cordova in Prince William Sound where Mike was a commercial fisherman.

Together, Mike and Mary have shared a lifetime of incredible Alaska memories.

Share Your Anchorage Memories

With all that in mind, what better way to pay tribute to those wonderful memories than with this website, where you can easily share your stories of life in, and around, Anchorage. Stories of life in the last frontier.

And don't be shy about sharing your memories.

We're all friends here because we have something in common, a bond that's very special.

We have Alaska.

Have Fun and Enjoy

But most of all, have fun and enjoy.

Write your stories and enjoy reading memories posted by other visitors.

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