Anchorage Alaska Videos

Check out these Anchorage Alaska Videos for a heart-warming, fun, and historic look back at the way we were. You might see you!

Anchorage Alaska Videos

Let video and the power of storytelling, be your guide.

These nostalgic Anchorage Alaska Videos will transport you to earlier days in Anchor town and bring with them a flood of memories.

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sit back, relax and enjoy

Walk for Hope

Click on the following link:

Did you ever “Walk for Hope”?

This edited video of the walkers features the hit song “A Fifth of Beethoven” by Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band.

Watch the video, and you might see yourself, friends or family.

You'll enjoy the full story.

The Anchorage Film Caper

Valley of the Moon Park

with the original rocket

Click on the following link:

Do you remember the Valley of the Moon park?

Our family called it the “Rocket Ship” park and our children loved going there to play.

The video above is a cherished memory of those happy times.

See the entire story.

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Breakup in Anchorage

set to music

Click on the following link:

Oh, the joys of Spring “breakup”

Slushy, muddy, water-filled streets with countless new potholes make driving and walking a challenge.

If you no longer live in Anchorage, watch this video. It's guaranteed to remind you of those happy days when the ice and snow began to melt. But slush and water created road hazards that made your car dirty, and turned walking into a risky business.

See the whole story.

Anchorage Alaska Videos

"Dynamite and the

Alaskan Outhouse"

With storyteller

Michael R Dougherty

Have you ever been to the Double Musky Inn?

It's an Alaska treasure. And the story of how it all got started is a funny adventure that could only happen in the 49th state.

Are you ready to smile? You'll enjoy this Alaska adventure.

Discover how it all began.

Anchorage Alaska Videos

Fur Rendezvous


there is no sound on this footage

See how Anchor town celebrated the Fur Rondy in the late 1950s.

Remember how we all looked? Remember how Anchorage looked.

There is no sound on this video.



this film has no sound

This super 8 home movie takes you to the Fur Rendezvous in the 1960s. Were you there?

There is no sound on this video.

Anchorage Alaska Videos

Fur Rondy

Parade Memories

with Grand Marshall

actor Michael Landon
(“Little Joe” from “Bonanza”)

there is no sound on this film

Remember when actor Michael Landon (“Little Joe”) on the TV show Bonanza was the Grand Marshall in the 1965 Rondy parade?

There is no sound on this video.

Fur Rendezvous

Sled Dog Races

and Parade

this film has no sound

1965 sled dog races, the blanket toss and actor Michael Landon brought Anchorage lots of fun.

There is no sound on this film.

Turn up the sound for this one

Two Head-to-Head

Anchorage Radio DJs

KENI radio and KANC radio

Turn up the sound and enjoy

Remember radio in our town, back in the 1970s?

Meet two Anchorage DJs and watch them do their radio shows while you remember all the fun music from back in the day.

Mr. Whitekeys does the introduction and the interviews.

Shot and edited for KAKM channel 7 by Michael R Dougherty and engineered by Joe Gill.

Enjoy out the entire story.

Turn up the sound

Listen to the

Anchorage teen band

“The Heartbeats”

And their hit song "Anne"

Click on the picture below to enjoy this video


You can enjoy the story of the Heartbeats in the following story

Click on the link below:

Do you remember dancing to all the bands at the Pacesetters dances throughout our town?

One of those bands was a favorite known as The Pulsating Heartbeats, who recorded the hit song “Anne”.

The Varsity Show

Anchorage's live

TV teen dance show

on KTVA Channel 11

Turn up the sound and enjoy

Click on the picture below to see this video

Did you dance on KTVA channel 11's Varsity Show, watch the show at home, or were you part of The Varsity Show crew?

Watch this video and see the story of Mary J Dougherty, one Anchorage teen who joined the crew as a “Go Go Girl” and was one of the stars in the show's commercials.

Anchorage Alaska Videos

The Anchorage Film Caper

An Anchorage teen's

funny adventure

after the 1964 earthquake.

Click on the picture below to see this video

Have you ever had to do something that you'd rather not do?

Maybe even something that scared you?

In this fun video, Michael Dougherty of Anchorage Memories had to go into the basement of the McKinley building following the 1964 earthquake.

You'll love this story.

The Power of

Nostalgic Film and Video

Because of today's collections of film and video, you can see what Alaska was like in days gone by, and you can see what Anchor town looks like today.

The film and video you enjoy here on Anchorage Alaska Memories makes your nostalgic journey even more enjoyable.

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