Anchorage Alaska Videos

Anchorage Alaska videos that show you a fun historic, nostalgic look at Anchorage. Now turn up the volume on your device, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Did you ever "Walk for Hope"?

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Remember when?

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Oh the joys of Spring "breakup"

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Anchorage Alaska Videos

Did you participate in some of the events featured here?

If you did, take a really close look at these videos, because you may see yourself, a loved one or a friend.

A great Alaska story

"Dynamite and the Alaskan Outhouse"

Have you ever been to the Double Musky Inn?

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Check out this fun Alaska movie

"Challenge to be Free"

A movie shot in Alaska by
Alaskan film maker
Chuck D. Keene

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Produced by Alaskans


A movie shot on location
near Juneau, Alaska
by Chuck D. Keene

Here's the story

A true Alaskan story

"Spirit of the wind"

A movie based on the life of famed
Alaska dog musher George Attla.

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From Alaskan filmmakers


An Alaskan feels like civilization
is closing in on him.

Meet the film makers

Yes, this is a FREE full length movie for you to enjoy.

"Alaska Highway"

Have you ever traveled the "Alcan", otherwise known as the Alaska Highway?

Well Hollywood made a movie version of this famed road and you can watch it free right here.

The movie starred Richard Arlen and Jean Parker.

Check out the movie above and watch Hollywood's version of the Alaska Highway.

Anchorage Alaska Videos

Remember the 1964 earthquake?

Newsreel of the
1964 Earthquake

Turn up the sound and watch this
incredible footage of the
destruction caused by the
great Alaska earthquake.

How did Anchorage look in 1959?

1959 Fur Rendezvous

There is No Sound on this video

See how they celebrated
the Fur Rondy back in the
late 1950s

Were you there? Rondy 1964

1964 Fur Rondy
Parade and Dog Sled Races

There is No Sound on this video

This super 8 home movie takes you back to 1960s Anchorage

1965 Fur Rendevous Parade Memories

There is no sound on this video

Remember when actor
Michael Landon was the
Grand Marshall in the Rondy parade?

Rondy Sled Dog Races and Parade

There is no sound on this film

1965 sled dog races, the blanket toss
and actor Michael Landon
brought Anchorage lots of fun

Turn up the sound and enjoy

"The Anchorage Rock Jocks"

A fun look at Anchorage, Alaska radio back in the 1970's

Meet two Anchorage DJs and watch them do their radio shows while you remember all the fun music they play.

Anchorage's own Mr. Whitekeys does the introduction and the interviews.

This video was shot and edited for KAKM channel 7 by Michael R Dougherty and engineered by Joe Gill

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Turn up the sound

"The Pulsating Heartbeats"

Do you remember dancing
to all the fun
Anchorage, Alaska bands
at the Pacesetters dances
throughout Anchorage?

One of those bands
was an Anchorage favorite
known as
The Pulsating Heartbeats,
who recorded the hit song

 Turn up the sound, sit back
and remember when.

Turn up the sound

"The Varsity Show"

Did you dance on KTVA channel 11's Varsity Show, watch the show at home, or were you part of The Varsity Show crew?

Watch this video and see the story of Mary J Dougherty, one Anchorage teen who joined the crew as a "Go Go Girl" and starred in the show's commercials.

Turn up the sound, sit back and remember Anchorage's own teen bandstand show.

Check out this fun story

Anchorage Alaska Videos

Are you an Alaska Railroad fan?

 Seward to Anchorage,
July 2008

Enjoy this fun Alaska Railroad video
and imagine the ride

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Imagine the gold rush

Skagway, Alaska
White Pass and Yukon Route

Return to the days of the
Gold Rush

Check out more

Let the power of video and power of storytelling, be your guide -

These nostalgic Anchorage Alaska Videos will transport you back to earlier days in Anchor town and bring back a flood of your own memories.

The Power of Nostalgic Film and Video

Because of today's collections of film and video, you can see what Alaska was like back in the day, and you can see what Anchorage looks like today.

Alaska is a huge place in our hearts and minds, and the film and video you enjoy here on Anchorage Alaska Memories makes your nostalgic journey even more enjoyable.

Do you still live in Anchorage?

Did you once live in the Great Land?

Have you visited Anchorage?

These Anchorage Alaska Videos are a perfect way to catch a glimpse of Alaska life, or get ready for your visit to the 49th state.

Wonderful Anchorage Memories that fill your heart and feed your soul

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