Anchorage Radio and Television Memories

What are your Anchorage Radio and Television memories? And who were your favorite local radio and TV personalities and what were your favorite shows?

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Did You Know?

The first radio station in Anchorage and all of Alaska was KFQD, signing on May 17th in 1924. KENI radio first came on the air on May 2nd, 1948.

Augie Hiebert started KTVA channel 11, the first television station in Anchorage. KTVA came on the air on December 11, 1953, and broadcast from 2:00pm to 11:30pm from the first floor of the McKinley building (now the McKinley Tower Apartments at 337 E. 4th Avenue in downtown Anchorage).

In 1955, Anchorage's second television station, KFIA, began broadcasting. KFIA later became KENI-TV, now KTUU.

What are Your Anchorage Radio and Television Memories?

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Enjoy These Anchorage Radio and Television Memories

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Brings Color TV
to Anchorage
Remember when color TV first arrived in Anchorage? The following is from an interview with Al Bramstedt Jr, conducted by Hilary Hilscher. Al …

Miss Northern Lights
and Mother Moose
Remember this? “It's Mother Moose, it's Mother Moose, there by the cabin in the spruce. Miss Northern Lights the eye delights into the cabin the gang …

Anchorage's First
Live Network Television
On Sunday, July 20, 1969, at 6:56pm, Anchorage experienced a remarkable event, right along with the rest of the world. It was the very first, satellite-delivered, …

Ruben Gaines
and Chilkoot Charlie
How many people did he have in his radio studio? When you listened to his radio program, you heard Ruben, a fellow named “Six-Toed Mordecai”, Mrs. Malone, …

Your Favorite
Anchorage Radio Personalities
Where Are They Now?
Who were your favorite Anchorage Radio personalities from the 1950s, 1960s and up through the 1970s ? Remember listening to your radio at home, in …

Herb Shaindlin
An Anchorage
Broadcasting Legend
Herb Shaindlin handed my friend Bob Martin a small cardboard match from one of those flip-up match packs you carry in your pocket. Then Herb told Bob …

KWKO Fm Stereo 102.1
Anchorages home of
"Night Flight"
My broadcast career started with Chet and Jo Gordon, owners of KBYR AM/FM in 1965. Chet tried to sell the FM side. There were no buyers, so he shut …

Bill Kelley
KTVA News Anchor
Back in 1965, not long after the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake, when I began working at KTVA channel 11 in Anchorage, one of the first on-camera staff that …

Koko's Karnival of Klowns 
The Cotton Candy Picture In the picture above, looking from the ground up to the top of the stairs. Karla Fetrow's (the author of this post) oldest …

1964 Alaskan Earthquake
at KTVA Channel 11
It was March 27, 1964. I had just finished hosting “The Buckaroo Show” on KTVA from the first floor of the McKinley Building. And as the host, “Deputy …

President Nixon Meets
Emperor Hirohito
in Anchorage, Alaska
On September 26, 1971, Anchorage, Alaska television professionals showed the world an historic event . President Nixon met Emperor Hirohito at Elmendorf …

The Clumsy
Anchorage TV
Sports Anchor
The KTVA television director yelled “where's Bob?” With just 10 seconds before he was to begin his live TV sportscast, Bob, our TV sports anchor, had …

Norma Goodman and
Theda Comstock
They were our friends , whether you knew them or not. Local television brought Norma Goodman and Theda Comstock came into our homes Monday through Friday …

Theda Comstock
and the Emerald Ring
“It was a cold and snowy night” in Spenard, Alaska, 1969. Along with her husband, Daryl Comstock (D.M. as he was known on KENI-TV), Theda was a business …

Breakfast in Bedlam 
It may have been the most creative and interesting way for Alaskans to wake up in Anchorage television history. “Breakfast in Bedlam”, with hosts Josef …

Anchorage Television
was Two Weeks Old
Do you remember when television in Anchorage brought you Christmas and holiday shows two weeks later? When I was a senior at East high school in 1965, …

Romper Room Memories
"Romper stomper, bomper, boo, tell me, tell me, tell me do. Magic Mirror, tell me today, did all my friends have fun at play?” Those words were spoken …

The Mother Moose TV Show 
In the 1970s, “Mother Moose” premiered on KTVA channel 11 and Anchorage, Alaska TV screens were never the same . * (Scroll down to hear the Mother …

Ron Moore
My Anchorage Radio Days
The following is an interview with the Anchorage Coke Show's very own, Ron Moore. Anchorage Memories – Mike and Mary: Ron, when and how did …

The Royal Coachman Theme 
The Royal Coachman Theme was written while I was in the Army. An accident placed me in the hospital and recovery area. So, I was watching TV in the …

Norma Goodman
Said What?
Norma made a face on live TV and said - Before I tell you what she said, let's start at the beginning. Starting with a show called “Hostess House” …

Just Two Field Rats
out for a Burger
 Not rated yet
I met (actor) George Kennedy when he came to Anchorage in 1983. He was on the Norma Goodman Show when I worked for KTVA. We talked for about an …

Anchorage Radio DJ
Les Snow
 Not rated yet
The following is from an interview with Anchorage radio personality Les Snow, whose real name is Gene Miner. Anchorage Memories – Mike and Mary: …

Ruben Gaines and
Ed Stevens
 Not rated yet
These comments were written by my adopted uncle, Robert Knox. He and his wife, Wilma, were journalists in Anchorage between 1951 and 1984. In spite …

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Daryl and the Missing Link Not rated yet
It must have been in the fall of the early 70s, as I recall it was dark in the early evening hours. My husband, Bob, and Daryl Comstock were partners …

Anchorage Radio Days
with Jerry Rose
 Not rated yet
The following is an interview with one-time Anchorage Alaska radio DJ, Jerry Rose (who's real name is Peter Bie). Anchorage Alaska Memories – Mike …

The Anchorage Alaska
Rock Jocks
 Not rated yet
Back in the 1970s in Anchorage, Alaska, KAKM channel 7 was producing a local television magazine show called “Southcentral.” Besides local …

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Do You Remember?

anchorage radio and tv pictures

These pictures will bring back plenty of great memories of the Anchorage radio and television programs you remember.

You'll see Norma Goodman, Theda Comstock, Ron Moore, Herb Shaindlin, Larry Beck, Miss Northern Lights, Mother Moose, The Varsity Show teen dance show and more.

Anchorage Radio and Television Memories

You listened to the radio and watched local television stations.

You have fond memories of your favorite shows.

And your favorite radio and TV personalities.

Do you remember listening to “Mukluk Telegraph” on KENI radio?

Do you remember “The Coke Show” with Ron Moore, Ruben Gains on KHAR and Herb Shaindlin hosting horror movies on KHAR-TV, (now KYUR) and doing commentaries and “Desperate and Dateless”?

Or how about “KoKo the KENI Clown” and “Kartoon Karnival”, or “Hi-Jinks” with Frank Feeman on KENI-TV, or “The Buckaroos” or “Romper Room” on KTVA?

And of course, “Mother Moose” with Larry and Carol Beck, first on KTVA, then KENI-TV.


Now You Can Enjoy The “Mother Moose” Theme Song Once Again

Anchorage Women's Shows

Remember Theda Comstock's “The Woman's Touch” on KENI-TV or “Hostess House”, later “The Norma Goodman Show” on KTVA?

Anchorage Shows for Teens

There was even a live, local teen dance program on KTVA channel 11 called, “The Varsity Show”. A local favorite.

Did you know that local high school teens also worked on The Varsity Show? Many went on to have careers in local and national broadcasting.

And do you remember the Coke Show with DJ, Ron Moore?

Anchorage Radio and Television

How it Started

It all began with one, then two television stations.

KHAR-TV (now KYUR) came along later as an independent channel, followed by KAKM, the Public Broadcasting station.

But even with only two TV stations, it seemed like there was more to watch back then. Even in today's world with hundreds of channels.

There were local news personalities, talk show hosts, late night TV hosts and fun kids shows.

And Anchorage loved them all.

Watching the Fur Rendezvous on TV

Do you remember KENI-TV channel 2 covering the Fur Rondy sled dog races in black and white, with mushers like George Attla, Doctor Roland Lombard and Herbie Topkok? We also loved the Fur Rondy parade TV coverage.

Those were the days.

mike behind tv cameraMike went on to win an Emmy for his camera work

Mike of Anchorage Memories behind the camera at KTVA in the McKinley building studios (after the 64 earthquake)

A Note From Mike:

“As I wrote this Anchorage Radio and Television Stories page, I experienced a flood of great memories.

You see, I began working in Anchorage television when I was just 18 years old. While I was in High School, I decided on a career in television and motion picture production. So, I auditioned to work on “The Varsity Show” teen dance program on KTVA channel 11.

For that reason, I was able to be a part of the Anchorage television and radio scene.

I got to know people like Augie Hiebert, the broadcast pioneer who built Alaska's first TV station, KTVA.

I also knew Al Bramstedt senior and Junior of KENI-TV, Herb Shaindlin, Dick Rand (KoKo the KENI Clown), Norma Goodman, Theda Comstock, Ron Moore, Marcus in the Morning, Jerry Rose (Peter Bie), Chuck Talsky and so many others.

Best of all, I met my future wife Mary in the studios of KTVA where she was a staff dancer on “The Varsity Show” while I was hosting the program.

And so, as I wrote this page, it came from my heart. And I hope these stories will bring back a flood of memories for you as well.”

Anchorage Memories VIP Club

“My sister sent me an Anchorage Memories VIP Club publication a few weeks ago.

And I want to thank you for the connection to my past. I grew up in Anchorage and left for college in 1967.

My last visit to Anchorage was for a West high school class reunion over 20 years ago.

So, thanks for putting all this together.” Vivien


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