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I Survived The 1964 Earthquake Inside the 4th Avenue Theater

It was Good Friday. Our Dad dropped us off at the 4th Avenue Theater to see a Walt Disney movie. He was going to pick us up later when the movie was

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Anchorage Firsts

Do you know? What was Anchorage's first newspaper? Who hosted the first women's TV show on Anchorage's channel 2?

Continue reading "Anchorage Firsts"

The Anchorage Film Caper - Anchorage Memories

The Anchorage Film Caper is a true and funny story that took place following the 1964 Alaska Earthquake.

Continue reading "The Anchorage Film Caper - Anchorage Memories"

Just an Anchorage Junk Yard Kid

My name is Sam Delozier, and I was born and raised in anchorage. My dad was John Delozier and he owned a towing business in anchorage called Alaska

Continue reading "Just an Anchorage Junk Yard Kid"

Your Memories - Anchorage Memories

Your Memories must be written down now before they fade with age, become forgotten in time to be lost forever.

Continue reading "Your Memories - Anchorage Memories"

Treasured Anchorage Moments

All these moments came from three homes. The first was living at Fort Richardson during the time of Statehood. The second was when we had a house

Continue reading "Treasured Anchorage Moments"

Your Favorite Anchorage Radio Personalities Where Are They Now?

Who were your favorite Anchorage Radio personalities? We all remember listening to our radios at home, in the car and on those small portable transistor

Continue reading "Your Favorite Anchorage Radio Personalities Where Are They Now?"

Cordova and the Great Alaskan Earthquake

Cordova and the Great Alaskan Earthquake tells the fascinating story of the 1964 quake in Cordova, Alaska

Continue reading "Cordova and the Great Alaskan Earthquake"

Alcan Highway - Anchorage Memories

Alcan Highway stories from people who have driven and experienced this incredible road.

Continue reading "Alcan Highway - Anchorage Memories"

Breakdown on the Alaskan Highway

It was December, 1972 when I was 22 and traveling out of Alaska on the Alaskan Highway in a Volkswagen bus. I was being discharged from the US Army

Continue reading "Breakdown on the Alaskan Highway"

We Could Drive to Alaska but not to New Zealand

My parents were school teachers and in 1956, they were teaching in a small rural school district in eastern Colorado. When they decided to find better

Continue reading "We Could Drive to Alaska but not to New Zealand"

He Tried to Kill Me!

I have driven the Alcan a handful of times, but there was only one time when the guy I drove with tried to kill me. To be fair, he was a friend back then,

Continue reading "He Tried to Kill Me!"

Anchorage Memories - fill your heart - feed your soul

Anchorage Memories brings you nostalgic stories, pictures and videos of memories from in and around Anchorage, Alaska and lets you post your precious memories and comments.

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Anchorage Pioneer Nellie Brown

Anchorage Memories VIP Newsletter looks at Nellie and Jack Brown who first came to Anchorage in 1912, even before the railroad and tent city. A fascinating story.

Continue reading "Anchorage Pioneer Nellie Brown"

Kings of Sole - Anchorage Memories

Kings of Sole tells a fun story about how two teenagers turned an idea into an Alaska adventure.

Continue reading "Kings of Sole - Anchorage Memories"

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