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She Wrote an Earthquake Letter

photo courtesy of Grover Wright

My name is Pamela, and I was just 4 years old when the 1964 earthquake struck Alaska. We were living in Anchorage and my mother, Mildred Eichelberger,

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Anchorage Club 25 Memories

Do you know the history of Club 25 in Anchorage? And do you know who Wendler Middle School (Junior High) was named for? Take a look at this edition of the Anchorage Memories VIP Club and Podcast.The oldest commercial building in Anchorage, Alaska.

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The Kimura Family, Anchorage Pioneers

Do you remember Nikko Garden, or Snow White Laundry and Cleaners? Meet the Kimura family. True Anchorage pioneers.It all began in 1916 in a tent city.

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Close Encounters of the Moose Kind

Have you ever had a close encounter with an Alaska Moose?Much too close to an Alaska moose.

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History of Seldovia, Alaska

A town built to exist with the tides of Cook Inlet. A town nearly destroyed by the 1964 earthquake. Discover the town in this podcast.Main street Seldovia in 1908.

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Anchorage Pioneer Joe Spenard

Meet the colorful character who ended up with a road, a lake, and a neighborhood named after him.Joe, driving his taxi during an early Anchorage, Alaska parade.

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How Homer, Alaska Got its Name

The answer may surprise you. Listen to this podcast and discover.A con man named Homer Pennock.

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Anchorage Pioneer, "Mac" McGee

Did you know that a major airline in Alaska got its start in 1931?McGee Airways during its fur trading days.

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Anchorage Movie Theatre Memories

What was your favorite Anchorage movie theatre?4th Avenue theatre an Anchorage, Alaska movie palace.

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Anchorage Statehood Celebrations

Do you remember the Alaska statehood celebrations in Anchorage?Enjoying a bonfire to celebrate becoming the 49th state.

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1964 Earthquake in Anchorage Alaska - Anchorage Memories

Earthquake Ed Rosek Cropped

Gripping stories from people who survived the 1964 earthquake in Anchorage Alaska, the biggest quake ever recorded in North America.

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Anchorage Memories VIP Club

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Anchorage Memories Podcast

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Your Anchorage Memories Podcast brings you great memories stories and adventures.

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Pictures of Anchorage Alaska - Anchorage Memories

Anchorage Circa 1940 Michael Nore Big Graphic

These nostalgic pictures of Anchorage Alaska are treasures that will happily take your heart to a different time.

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History of Soldotna Alaska

Do you know where the name “Soldotna” came from? Discover this Kenai Peninsula community.

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