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Hollywood North - Alaskan Produced Movies

Scroll down to view clips from some of these movies. Alaska is a long way from Hollywood, but Alaskan movie makers don't let that keep them from producing

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Cowboys and Indians

What if there was a western movie shot in Alaska, but the entire cast were kids? Back in the 1970's we actually started shooting the movie, Cowboys and

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Cowboys and Indians DVD Slideshow - Anchorage Memories

Cowboys and Indians DVD Slideshow is a fun look at the movie shot in Wasilla, Alaska.

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The La Cabana

Crunch! Yum! Delicious! That was my first bite into my very first taco at, The La Cabana Restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska. Then, a second bite into my

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Wishing For a "The Lucky Wishbone" Lunch

Oh, man! Wishing for the one of a kind taste of a Lucky Wishbone hamburger, fries and soda for lunch. But it's a long way from California. The Lucky

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Norma Goodman and Theda Comstock

They were our friends, whether you knew them or not - Norma Goodman and Theda Comstock came into our homes Monday through Friday to tell us what was happening

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Alaska 1964 Earthquake Pictures - Anchorage Memories

Rare Alaska 1964 Earthquake pictures that tell amazing stories of Anchorage and the five minute, 9.2 Good Friday Alaskan earthquake.

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I Saw the School Split in Half

I was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base at the time of the quake. I was just outside the gate on Government Hill at a drug store picking up a few

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We were lucky in Spenard

My mom was in the kitchen making sloppy Joes for dinner. The three of us were huddled around the television watching the start of Fireball XL5. Events

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My 1964 Earthquake Experience in Turnagain

For you G.T. who I promised this to some time ago. And to you C.H because your post regarding the ’64 quake and PSTD really hit home for me and finally

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Salvaging Earthquake Damaged Homes in Turnagain

Many of us who were older (as in 17) volunteered for Civil Defense duty after the earthquake. We were assigned to different projects over the next few

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Anchorage Alaska Facts - Anchorage Memories

Anchorage Alaska facts from becoming a tent city to growing into modern day Anchorage.

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Anchorage Memories - Fascinating Alaska Stories

Anchorage Memories brings you fascinating stories, pictures and videos of memories from in and around Anchorage and lets you preserve your precious Anchorage memories.

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Fur Rondy Corn Dogs

Yes! I loved my Fur Rondy corn dogs. I liked them best with ketchup. My husband Mike told me he liked his best with mustard. It was the grand opening

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Alcan Highway - Anchorage Memories

Alcan Highway stories by people who have driven and experienced Alaska Highway travel.

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