Anchorage Daily News
Paper Sales

by Ron Maley
(Ocean Shores, Wa.)

Back in 1948 and 49 I sold news papers at 4th. and C st. In Anchorage.

There was a bar on that corner. I would always get paid more than the paper was selling for. I think it was fifteen cents at that time. A lot of times I would get a quarter, sometimes a dollar.

After the drunks walked out I would go in and collect the papers left on the tables and bar, then fold them nice and resell them.

After working a couple of weeks there, the bartender would collect them and keep them in a stack for me. What I didn't sell, the Anchorage Daily News would credit me for the next day.

I made a fortune and was still home by 6.

A Note from Anchorage Memories

Love your story -

My brother had the same experience, only his was in Cordova, Alaska when he had a shoe shine kit.

He would stand outside the bars and the guys going in, or out would stop to get a shoe shine and they always paid him much more than what he was charging.

In your newspaper story, it was interesting that you were able to pick up the papers off the bar and sell them again.

Thank you for sharing your story here on Anchorage Memories.

Did you sell newspapers in Anchorage?

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Paper Sales

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Anchorage News Paper Sales
by: Anonymous

I remember reading the newspaper and the comics. Also, reading articles in the newspapers was often a homework assignment for school.

Like many young "Anchorage-ites" selling newspapers on the corner streets of downtown Anchorage or having a newspaper route was generally their first job.

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