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La Cabana

Mary remembers the
first time she ate
Mexican food was at
one of Anchorage's
favorite restaurants

Race to the Summit

The soft spoken sergeant
claimed to set a record
for driving to the top
of Site Summit.
I knew I could top it.

Village in the City

Dad had secured
a space at
Alaskan Village Trailer Court
in Anchorage, Alaska.

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1976 Walk for Hope
Music Video

This fun music video
follows the Anchorage walkers
in the 1976 Walk for Hope.

Take a look and see
if you can spot your friends...
or yourself.

My Anchorage
Newspaper Route

Remember being in downtown Anchorage and hearing the paper boys singing "get your Anchorage Times newspaper. Get your Anchorage Times newspaper."

Valley of the Moon Park
Music Video

The park, located at
610 W. 17th Avenue
was named for
  Sonoma Valley in
California. The place where
"Call of the Wild" writer,
Jack London lived
in his later years.

Anchorage Alaska Stories

Anchorage's Log Cabin

As a youngster growing up
in Anchorage I can remember walking by the cute downtown Visitor's Log Cabin by City Hall.

The Arctic Roadrunner

Back when the
"Arctic Roadrunner" restaurant
was just a trailer, my older
brothers and sister and I
drove up to the
drive thru window and
placed our order for
several Alaskan Banquet
hamburgers and sodas.

My Favorite Sledding Hill

When I sat down on my sled
and took off down the hill
I was going so fast it
was almost scary.
But what a ride.

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Anchorage Alaska Stories

Go Home Kids
Halloween is Tomorrow

The door opened and
we all shouted,
"Trick or Treat!"
A very grumpy person
shouted back,
"Go home kids, Halloween
is tomorrow!"
And with that the
grumpy person
slammed the door.

Summers at Goose Lake

After the ice melted
and outside temperatures
soared into the 70s,
we could dig our bathing suits
out of the deep recesses of
our closet and head out for an afternoon of lakeside beach fun
on the sandy shores of
Goose Lake to work on our tans.

Ice Skate to Denali Elementary?

Another cold morning meant
that all the newly formed puddles and wet sidewalks were
frozen over again.
The thing was this, just about
every spring break up my
family and friends and I
would hatch this great plan.
Ice skate to school!

The Day My
Teacher Cried

I just stared at the loud speaker
and then I began to pray.
I heard my fellow classmates
moan and cry.
And that's when we saw
our teacher with
tears in her eyes
leave the class room.

It was Snowing My Anchorage Newspaper

Most Anchorage carriers are dedicated to their customers
and do their best to deliver the papers on time and in good condition.

But some don't.

Am I a Husky
or a Ram?

As I sat on the bleachers
I saw my old classmates
from Central on the
opposite side of the
gymnasium. So I
cheered on the
Wendler Rams. And ever
so quietly I cheered on
the Central Husky's.

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Am I a Husky or a Ram? 
"Yay!" The crowd goes wild. Depending upon what side of the bleachers you sat on. Were you the side that was saying Yay? Was it your Junior High …

The La Cabana 
Crunch! Yum! Delicious! That was my first bite into my very first taco at, The La Cabana Restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska. Then, a second bite into …

"Race to the Summit" 
It’s not often a person takes the mundane job of washing dishes and writes about it. My 6-month dish washing stint was much different than scrubbing …

Village in the City 
The serenity of living in a rural Alaska village is something I’d love to experience. It seems a subsistence lifestyle has distinct advantages. Hunting …

The 1976 Walk for Hope Music Video 
On the first Saturday in May, back in 1970, 4,500 Anchorage residents raised $137,000 dollars for what was then called "Hope Cottage." And, back in …

Ice Skate to Denali Elementary School? 
It was Monday morning, again. Spring time in Anchorage and we had more daylight. However, that's not all we had. We had another cold morning. …

My Anchorage Newspaper Route 
Remember being in downtown Anchorage and hearing the paper boys singing "get your Anchorage Times newspaper. Get your Anchorage Times newspaper." As …

Valley of the Moon Park 
The following video was shot and edited by Michael R Dougherty and engineer Joe Gill as part of a KAKM channel 7 series called "Southcentral". It was …

Anchorage's Log Cabin 
As a youngster growing up in Anchorage I can remember walking by the cute downtown Visitor's Log Cabin by City Hall. The log cabin is located on 4th …

The Arctic Roadrunner 
This is really making me hungry. Just thinking about the "Arctic Road Runner's" Alaskan Banquet hamburger. Our favorite location is at 2477 Arctic …

Thanksgiving on 2nd and Cordova 
Our Alaskan Thanksgiving Day celebration always started with our mother Feodoria making waffles and bacon for breakfast, Yum. How great it was to be …

Go Home Kids - Halloween is Tomorrow 
Back in second grade in Anchorage in the late fifties my brothers and sister and I put on our Halloween costumes. We had several to choose from. Because …

Summers at Goose Lake 
After a long, cold Alaska winter, summer was always a welcome time of the year for me. No more heavy boots, gloves, or cold weather coats. And after …

"Vive Jacqueline!" 
Modern, loved art, fashionista, our First Lady. "Vive Jacqueline!" Jacqueline Kennedy in 1961 made a huge impression on me and especially her trip with …

The Day My Teacher Cried 
"Our teacher stood up from her desk with tears in her eyes and said,"Excuse me, I need to get a drink of water." We all sat at our desks stunned and scared …

My Beautiful Alaska 
When the door of the plane was finally opened, I saw Anchorage and the surrounding mountains for the first time. It was the most beautiful sight I had …

My Green Double Bladed Ice Skates 
I would glid on the ice, skating as fast as I wanted and feeling that crisp Anchorage Alaska winter air on my face while the wind was blowing my hair. …

Gilman's Bakery - Got Any Free Donuts Today?  
Our family lived on 2nd and Cordova in Anchorage Alaska back in the 1950's and my brother's and sister's and I had to walk to school. Our grade school …

"Anchorage School Daze" 
There they sat, five lunch bags on the kitchen counter. Each one had a name written on it. I found mine written in pencil, "Mary", it was written by …

Moose Meat John 
In 1949 I got on O'Hara bus lines in Mt.View. I was going to the Empress Theater on 4th. Avenue. At the next stop a bearded man got on and sat down …

Satan Invented Snow Suits 
The suite that no one wants to wear - Anchorage Alaska kids know about snow suits. Have you seen the classic holiday movie "A Christmas Story" about …

Anchorage Daily News Paper Sales 
Back in 1948 and 49 I sold news papers at 4th. and C st. In Anchorage. There was a bar on that corner. I would always get paid more than the paper was …

My Favorite Sledding Hill 
You jump on your sled and you start flying down the snowy hill - the faster, the better. The wind rushes past your cold face as the runners on your …

The Ship Creek Adventure 
It was slippery from creek water splashing over it and suddenly my boot slid right off the log I was using as a bridge... When I was 12 and 13 years …

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Skipping School at Dimond 
(To be sung to the tune of "KODACHROME") When I think back on all the stuff I did in High School Its a wonder I'm not still in Jail. The last …

Midnight at High Noon 
Imagine being just six years old and having your world turned upside down. Our family was living in a log home on Fairbanks street near downtown Anchorage, …

Anchorage Newspapers Sold Twice? Not rated yet
Back in 1950 I sold Anchorage Daily News on the corner of 4th and C. Ten feet from the bar door. Most of my customers payed more than I was selling …

It was Snowing My Anchorage Newspaper Not rated yet
Have you ever caught someone doing something they shouldn't be doing? When I was 14 years old, I delivered newspapers door-to-door on my route in Anchorage. …

Downtown Anchorage a Record Snowfall Not rated yet
One of the beautiful sites we enjoy during winter in Alaska is when big snowflakes float down from the sky, covering the Great Land with a fresh, clean …

Break Up in Anchorage - A Music Video Not rated yet
After a long, dark winter of cold, snow and ice, when Alaska starts to enjoy more daylight and warmer temperatures begin to melt away those winter blues …

The Frozen Christmas Tree Lot Not rated yet
As we parked our car in the Anchorage tree lot, we both started whining about having to leave the warmth of our car for the wind swept, freeze to death …

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Anchorage Alaska Stories

For Mary and I, while we no longer call Anchorage home, the town and all those wonderful memories of growing up there will forever be in our hearts.

Living in Alaska's largest city gave us a different perspective on our world.

We grew up in a magnificent land where we were close to nature, where our local TV weather reports always included how many minutes and seconds of daylight we had either lost or gained on that day. And where most of the supplies for living had to either be flown in, trucked in or brought in by boat.

We grew up in Anchorage, where you didn't keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator because our drinking water came right out fresh and ice cold right out of the kitchen faucet.

We grew up in Anchorage, where a billion stars filled each clear night sky and where more daylight hours made summer days long, and where winter nights were long and cold.

We grew up in Anchorage, where on summer days we went swimming at Goose Lake, and on winter weekends we went skiing at Mt. Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood, Alaska.

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