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"Race to the Summit" 
It’s not often a person takes the mundane job of washing dishes and writes about it. My 6-month dish washing stint was much different than scrubbing …

Village in the City 
The serenity of living in a rural Alaska village is something I’d love to experience. It seems a subsistence lifestyle has distinct advantages. Hunting …

The 1976 Walk for Hope Music Video 
On the first Saturday in May, back in 1970, 4,500 Anchorage residents raised $137,000 dollars for what was then called "Hope Cottage." And, back in …

4th Avenue Theater - Hold the Butter 
What was the most embarrassing moment of your life? Mine may have been the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most embarrassing moments of my life all wrapped up into …

My Anchorage Newspaper Route 
Remember being in downtown Anchorage and hearing the paper boys singing "get your Anchorage Times newspaper. Get your Anchorage Times newspaper." As …

Valley of the Moon Park 
The following video was shot and edited by Michael R Dougherty and engineer Joe Gill as part of a KAKM channel 7 series called "Southcentral". It was …

Anchorage's Log Cabin 
As a youngster growing up in Anchorage I can remember walking by the cute downtown Visitor's Log Cabin by City Hall. The log cabin is located on 4th …

The Arctic Roadrunner 
This is really making me hungry. Just thinking about the "Arctic Road Runner's" Alaskan Banquet hamburger. Our favorite location is at 2477 Arctic …

Remember the Anchorage Music Scene? 
Do you remember some of the bands that made up the Anchorage, Alaska music scene back in the 1960's to 1970's? Rock Bands The band in the picture …

Winter Time at an Anchorage Drive-In Theater  
The picture above is either the old Billiken or Sundowner Drive-in theater in Anchorage. Remember going to one of the drive-in theaters in Anchorage …

Thanksgiving on 2nd and Cordova 
Our Alaskan Thanksgiving Day celebration always started with our mother Feodoria making waffles and bacon for breakfast, Yum. How great it was to be …

Go Home Kids - Halloween is Tomorrow 
Back in second grade in Anchorage in the late fifties my brothers and sister and I put on our Halloween costumes. We had several to choose from. Because …

4th Avenue Theater Anchorage 
The perfect place in Anchorage to see a movie - Imagine the first time you went to see a movie at Anchorage's famed 4th Avenue Theater. Just standing …

Summers at Goose Lake 
After a long, cold Alaska winter, summer was always a welcome time of the year for me. No more heavy boots, gloves, or cold weather coats. And after …

"Vive Jacqueline!" 
Modern, loved art, fashionista, our First Lady. "Vive Jacqueline!" Jacqueline Kennedy in 1961 made a huge impression on me and especially her trip with …

The Day My Teacher Cried 
"Our teacher stood up from her desk with tears in her eyes and said,"Excuse me, I need to get a drink of water." We all sat at our desks stunned and scared …

Anchorage Race Track Memories 
The fast and furious racing in Anchorage - There I was on a warm summer day in Anchorage, Alaska, hammer in hand, pounding away on the vitals of a race …

Beatlemania Arrived in Anchorage 
You can instantly download your FREE Face-To-Face with John Lennon ebook at the end of this post - Mod. Was from the clothing style from …

It was Snowing My Anchorage Newspaper Not rated yet
Have you ever caught someone doing something they shouldn't be doing? When I was 14 years old, I delivered newspapers door-to-door on my route in Anchorage. …

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Anchorage Alaska Stories

For Mary and I, while we no longer call Anchorage home, the town and all those wonderful memories of growing up there will forever be in our hearts.

Living in Alaska's largest city gave us a different perspective on our world. We grew up in a magnificent land where we were close to nature, where our local TV weather reports always included how many minutes and seconds of daylight we had either lost or gained on that day. And where most of the supplies for living had to either be flown in, trucked in or brought in by boat.

We grew up in Anchorage, where you didn't keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator because our drinking water came right out fresh and ice cold right out of the kitchen faucet.

We grew up in Anchorage, where a billion stars filled each clear night sky and where more daylight hours made summer days long, and where winter nights were long and cold.

We grew up in Anchorage, where on summer days we went swimming at Goose Lake, and on winter weekends we went skiing at Mt. Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood, Alaska.

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