The Anchorage Alaska
Rock Jocks

by Michael R Dougherty

Back in the 1970s in Anchorage, Alaska, KAKM channel 7 was producing a local television magazine show called “Southcentral.” Besides local issues, we also included local entertainment on the show.

We decided to do a fun story about local radio by taking our viewers “behind the scenes” at two radio stations. KENI radio and KANC radio. Bobby Bruce Parker at KANC agreed to be on our show, and so did Tim Allen at KENI. We got Mr. White Keys to do the interviews, and we were ready to go.

Interestingly, the two DJs were competing in the same time slot.

The story was shot and edited by me (Michael R Dougherty) and was engineered by Joe Gill. Most of what you see and here in both radio control rooms was what was going out live at the time we taped the DJs hard at work during their show.

You probably noticed that this was all back in the day when radio stations were still playing 45 records and album cuts on turn tables. And of course, you also saw the DJs using “audio carts” on the air for all their recorded commercials and announcements.

Do you remember some recording artists and the songs they were playing?

Yes, this story goes back a few years in the history of Anchorage radio.


You can hear some of your favorite Anchorage radio personalities once again.

take a look at Alaska Oldies and remember.

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