1965 Fur Rendezvous
Michael Landon
Grand Marshall

by Michael R Dougherty

Rondy Blanket Toss

Rondy Blanket Toss

Back in 1965 I walked to downtown Anchorage to film the Fur Rendezvous parade and other Rondy activities with my new 8mm film camera.

I was attending East high school and had decided that I wanted to study cinematography after I graduated the following year.

Michael Landon, the actor who played Little Joe on the Bonanza television series, was the Rondy Parade Grand Marshall in 1965. As you will see in the footage that follows, I was able to get a good shot of Landon as he rode his horse in the parade.

It was a freezing cold day, and you can tell by how you can see everyone's breath. The cold must have been a bit of a shock for Michael Landon, who lived in Southern California.

if you lived in Anchorage in 1965, were on 4th Avenue enjoying the parade, be sure to look at the footage. You might see yourself, family members or someone you know. It's also fun to see the cars and the shops from 1965.

While shooting the film, I felt a little funny with my tiny camera and tripod as I set up next to professional cinematographers with their pro equipment. Oh well, you have to start somewhere. I also learned how to shoot a movie in cold weather.

Anchorage's Fun Rendezvous is a colorful event featuring wonderful and unique sites. People everywhere have fun and enjoy something entirely different after a long, cold Alaskan winter. I was in the East High band and marched in several Rondy Parades. In fact, I wrote a story about it titled Marching in the Fur Rondy Parade which you can read right here.

In the film footage included in this story, you'll see the Blanket Toss, parade, Michael Landon, and the sled dog races.

Enjoy the film, there is no sound

My family first arrived in Anchorage in 1950, so I enjoyed a lot of Fur Rendezvous. It was also a real pleasure to capture at least a bit of Fur Rondy history by shooting this film.

Some years later, in the 1970s, I found myself behind a color television camera on top of a truck on 4th Avenue covering the Rondy Parade live on KTVA channel 11.

Oh, and by the way, I went on to win an Emmy Award for my camera work in 1980, just 15 years after I shot this footage. Who'd a thunk it?


Remember when the “Keystone Cops” would put you in Rondy Jail if you didn't have a Fur Rendezvous button? It was all fun.

Take a look at My Mom got put in Rondy Jail and enjoy.

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Michael Landon
Grand Marshall

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Fur Rondy 1965
by: Mary Bell

I was 15 in 1965.

My horse, Jemila, was boarded at the Woranzof Stables at the end of Northern Lights Blvd.

Michael Landon used that beautiful bay gelding, Bill Jack, who was also boarded at Woranzof Stables, to ride in the 1965 Parade.

I met Michael, he was my hero because he rode horses in westerns. I was riding further back with the rest of the horses in that parade.

I was hoping to see myself and my friends, but the film didn't show us.

Awesome Footage
by: Anonymous

I loved seeing your Rondy footage.

It brings back many happy memories of 36 years of my life. I miss Alaska a lot.

Thank you for a touch of home.

A Note from Anchorage Memories

We appreciate your kind words about the film footage of the Fur Rendezvous that Mike shot back in 1965.

We're glad that this story and the film brought back happy memories for you.

That's what our website, Anchorage Memories.com is all about.

As it reads on the end of many pages on this website -

"Wonderful Anchorage Alaska memories that fill your heart and feed your soul"

1965 Fur Rendezvous
by: Mary Jane Dougherty

Reading your story was so much fun for me.

Thank you for bringing back so many wonderful memories with your super 8 film footage.

I love Anchorage and now because of you we can share our hometown with our two lovely granddaughters and grandnieces and nephews.

Celebrating the day you won your Emmy Award was just a super day. And it all started way back when in our little town of Anchorage, Alaska.

Thank you again.

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