The Pulsating Heartbeats
Anchorage Band

by Michael R Dougherty

The Pulsating Heartbeats

The Pulsating Heartbeats

Take a look at the Heartbeat's song “Anne” near the bottom of this story.

On the Coke Show you heard Ron Moore talk about the “Pulsating Heartbeats” and you heard him play their hit song “Anne” many times.

I first met Rafael, who was later called John, when he and I were in the 7th grade at Clark Jr. High School. Rafael and I soon became best friends. And because I would go over to his house after school, I also met his brothers Eddie and Raul.

Some years later, while working at KTVA channel 11, I became friends with Skip Konte who was also working at KTVA. Skip was the keyboard player for the Heartbeats and later joined the Blue Chip Stock. After leaving KTVA, Skip ended up in Florida where he joined the Blues Image and later co-wrote their hit “Ride Captain Ride.”

Shortly after Mary and I were married, we ran into Rafael, Eddie, and Raul at the Fancy Moose nightclub. Rafael and Eddie told me they were playing a steady gig at a hotel in Hawaii and wanted me to join the band. I played the trumpet all the way through school and Eddie wanted to add some brass to the band.

Well, I had always wanted to be in the Heartbeats, but since I had recently gotten married and my career in television was a good one, I respectfully declined.

Not long ago, I came across the following video on YouTube.

It's the Heartbeat's hit song “Anne” and the video includes some fun and interesting information about the band and the songs “Anne” and “Talkin About You.”

Sadly, Eddie and Raul both left us far too soon, but we still have some of their music to enjoy.

Just before you watch the video, imagine you're listening to the Coke Show and Ron Moore is introducing the Pulsating Heartbeats “Ok Anchorage, here are the Pulsating Heartbeats and “Anne.”



Take a look at this fun Interview with John of the Heartbeats and remember when.

A Note from Anchorage Memories

Mike spoke with Rafael (John) not long ago, and he's still in Anchorage.

Some years back, Ron Moore hosted a “Back to the Bun” evening at the Anchorage National Guard Armory. Mary and I were there, and we ran into Rafael. We had a great time catching up and later, Ron Called Rafael and several other members of Anchorage bands up on stage to play the song “Gloria.”

For a few minutes anyway, it was like the old days when we were all young and one of our favorite bands was the Pulsating Heartbeats.

Thank you, Eddie, Rafael, and Raul for the great Anchorage Memories.

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Anchorage Band

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Feb 01, 2018
Great Guys
by: Ann

I had the privilege to dance with the Heartbeats.

Sep 05, 2016
The Heartbeat Band
by: Susan Burritt

Rafael (John), Ed, Raul and their Family were and are wonderful people as well as musicians.

It was an honor to know them and be a part of their lives at one point.

Their parents (Momma and Poppa Apostol) were a blessing to know, and they raised amazing children.

God Bless them for creating wonderful music and good memories for so many!

Will always have good memories of the these great guys and the Heartbeat Band.

Sep 04, 2016
The Heartbeats
by: Dean Forbes

I remember doing lots of shows with John (Rafael) and his band as the "opening act" so to speak. He is a really lovely person and a fine musician. I always enjoyed interactions with him.

A Note from Anchorage Memories

Great hearing from you Dean. Yes, John (Rafael) was a big part of the Anchorage music scene - as were you. I wish we could find more Anchorage band footage and pictures from the 1960s to post here on Anchorage Memories.

Until then, keep checking out our Anchorage Coke Show Memories.

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