Anchorage Music of the 70s

by Laurie Watson (Birmingham)
(Sacramento CA USA)

I was 9 years old when we were in Anchorage.

My mother was the vocalist and organ player for Warren Johnson and the Riding Tide, then went on to play with the band F.U.N. her name is Annie Sevier (Birmingham).

I have such fond childhood memories from 71-74, and I was elated to find this Anchorage Memories website and can't really say how much I appreciate what you have done with it.

I loved hearing the recordings of the bands, and I sent my mother a link to your website. She was so happy. We haven't stopped talking about it.

She now lives in Arizona, myself in California.

Thank you for sharing this.

A Note from Anchorage Memories


Thank you so much for taking the time to send your kind comments to us here on Anchorage Memories.

You and your mother are the reason we created Anchorage Memories. We all have so many fond, happy memories about living in Anchorage. And of course, the unhappy memories of those of us who experienced the 1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake.

Now you and everyone out there who still lives in and around Anchorage, or used to live there, has a place online. A place where you can read nostalgic stories, hear audio recordings and watch videos of those days in Anchorage, now long gone.

Plus, just as you have done, folks can post their Anchorage Memories online with us so that family and friends all over the world can enjoy them for years to come.

Thank you

Mike and Mary

Anchorage Memories


You can hear Anchorage bands from the 1970s.

Take a look at these Recorded Live Shows and remember.

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