Anchorage Alaska Restaurants

Fondly remembered in stories that take you back to your favorite places to eat. From Anchorage burgers and fries to steaks and more.

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What Are Your Favorite Anchorage Alaska Restaurants?

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Enjoy These Stories of Favorite Anchorage Alaska Restaurants

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A Cheechako and a Taco at the La Cabana 
Where am I today? was the first thing I said to myself when I woke up. After sleeping ten nights in different hotels along the drive to Alaska, each …

Gwennie's Restaurant - In Her Own Words 
The following is an exclusive interview with Gwennie Thornton, the original owner of Gwennie's. Anchorage Memories - Mike and Mary: Your Gwennie's …

A&W Drive-In Memories 
Do you remember Anchorage's first A&W Drive-In? Check out the pictures above. Click on the small pictures to see a larger version of each one. Back …

Wishing For a "The Lucky Wishbone" Lunch 
Oh, man! Wishing for the one of a kind taste of a Lucky Wishbone hamburger, fries and soda for lunch. But it's a long way from California. The …

The La Cabana 
Crunch! Yum! Delicious! That was my first bite into my very first taco at, The La Cabana Restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska. Then, a second bite into …

The Arctic Roadrunner 
This is really making me hungry. Just thinking about the "Arctic Road Runner's" Alaskan Banquet hamburger. Our favorite location was at 2477 Arctic …

Double Musky Inn - Girdwood, Alaska 
What follows is the true story of how the now world famous Double Musky Inn, a Girdwood, Alaska landmark - got it's start. Julian "Moe" Maule was a …

Buds Burger on Mt. View Drive Not rated yet
In 1972 I was 21 and working near Ship Creek on Ship Ave. Living as a young bachelor, being a terrible cook and discovering Buds Burger was a real …

Anchorage International Airport Cafe Not rated yet
When Mike and I were dating during the winter of 1967, we drove out to the Airport. Mike had mentioned to me that The Airport Cafe had very good sandwiches. …

Fur Rondy Corn Dogs Not rated yet
Yes! I loved my Fur Rondy corn dogs. I liked them best with ketchup. My husband Mike told me he liked his best with mustard. It was the grand opening …

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From Rondy Corn Dogs

to the Double Musky Inn

Remember your favorite Anchorage Alaska Restaurants, yummy corn dogs at the Fur Rondy, burgers at the Arctic Roadrunner and fine dining at Alaska's own Double Musky Inn located in Girdwood?

Alaskans love food and everyone has their favorite restaurants. Take a moment to remember when.

What Are Your Favorite

Anchorage Alaska


The list is pretty long -

Do You Remember These?

  • Don's Green Apple
  • Lucky Wishbone
  • Arctic Roadrunner
  • Cattle Company
  • How How
  • The Abby
  • Benny's Taco Wagon
  • Gwennies
  • Downtown Hof Brau
  • Woolworth's lunch counter
  • Hewitt's lunch counter on 4th Avenue
  • La Cabana
  • La Mex
  • Shakey's in Spenard?

And we didn't come close to naming most of them.

Anchorage Alaska restaurants are a great escape from long winters and they quickly become almost a part of the family. And when summer finally arrives, our favorite restaurants are part of what's great about Alaska summers.

How to Get

People from Anchorage


Just ask them if they ever visited the old A&W Drive-In where the lions were on display.

Or ask them what burger they like to order at the Arctic Roadrunner. Or ask them how often they visit the Lucky Wishbone.

Most will tell you ho had the best burger, the best fries, and where to go when it's time to have a really nice dinner, in or near Anchorage.

For Alaskans, the subject of favorite places to eat is near and dear to their hearts.

How Did It All Begin?

Many of these fun stories about favorite Anchorage Alaska Restaurants include how they got started and other interesting facts that you might not already know.

And the pictures that accompany the stories will really take you back.

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