Buds Burger on Mt. View Drive

by Jim Minton
(Bellingham , WA)

In 1972, I was 21 and working near Ship Creek on Ship Ave.

Living as a young bachelor, being a terrible cook and discovering Buds Burger was a real savior for me.

It was a small diner next door to the old Arden Dairy building and was operated by two wonderful young women named Norma and Martha.

They turned out the best home cooked meals and pies. I ate there most days and I think they knew it was my only good meal each day, so they heaped on good portions.

The main cook (Norma, I can't recall her last name all these years later) drove in from Palmer each day to cook summer & winter.

Whenever I think of those times, it always brings a smile. The business partner(?)/waitress was Martha Maness who I think still lives in Anchorage.

A Note from Anchorage Memories


Places like Bud's Burger tend to live in our hearts for a long, long time.

The way the restaurant looked on the outside and the welcoming way they looked on the inside.

And of course, the delicious aromas that greet you when you first walk in the door.

Plus, we remember those friendly, smiling faces that we see as we walk inside.

And when you become a regular, like you did, there are the other regular customers you meet and get to know.

Thank you for sharing your memories of this special Anchorage restaurant that meant so much to you.


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