The La Cabana

by Mary Jane Dougherty

Crunch! Yum! Delicious! That was my first bite into my very first taco at, The La Cabana Restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska.

Then, a second bite into my crunchy taco along with eating the yummy rice and tasty beans in my very first, La Cabana combo meal.

As I looked up from my plate, I could see my mother Feodoria, step-father Bob and my sister and brothers enjoying their first combo meal just like me.

We lived on 2nd Ave and Cordova in Anchorage, Alaska in the 1950s. As I recall, our family had not eaten at the La Cabana until 1962. We walked by it on our way home from school, but never stopped in.

However, this was a special occasion and this was where my mother wanted to take us.

Wow, were we glad she did. The meal was delicious, and their Coca-Cola fountain drink was especially tasty and refreshing.

La Cabana is Alaska's original Mexican restaurant, built in 1953. This restaurant by far out tastes any other Mexican restaurant where I've eaten… even here in sunny California.

That does it. Now I've gotta get a taco combo meal down the street. It won't taste like La Cabana's, but a craving is a craving!

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1957 Mexican Restaurant I remember
by: Anonymous

I was in third grade when my parents took us out to eat Mexican food.

It was an old house with a long, curving awning in Anchorage.

I can still smell the tortilla chips as you walk in the door.

Incredible Memories of Yummy Food
by: Michael

The very first Mexican restaurant I ever ate at was the La Cabana in Anchorage.

My mom and dad took us there for dinner one night. When we got in the car to drive to the restaurant, I asked mom and dad what Mexican food tastes like.

Back then, the La Cabana was actually in a log cabin near downtown. I remember walking in and the first time that wonderful aroma filled my senses.

Years later, when I started working at KTVA channel 11, they were still located in what was then called "the McKinley building". And the La Cabana was just down the street.

I was so excited because I was close enough to the La Cabana to enjoy dinner there a couple of times a week.

Yes Mary, we've enjoyed Mexican food here in the Los Angeles area, but we both agree, there was something very special about that wonderful food we enjoyed at the La Cabana. Happy memories

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