Alaska Adventures

Alaska Adventures are stories from people who live in Alaska, used to live in Alaska, or from people who experienced Alaska during a visit.

Alaska AdventuresAlaska Skiing Adventure

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What were your adventures?

Did you -

Pick berries, go hiking, run white water rapids, go skiing, fly with an Alaskan bush pilot, or did you do some commercial fishing?

Maybe your adventure was staying in a rustic cabin or visiting Mount Denali (McKinley).

Alaska is a huge state and the variety of adventures that are experienced by Alaskans and visitors alike are endless.

Alaska Adventures

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People who live, or have lived in Alaska, and those who visit Alaska love to have adventures in the great state.

Your adventure could be a hike through the woods, a picnic by a waterfall, or a scenic drive.

Your adventures in the 49th state could be a quiet visit to a glacier, or a heart pounding white water river ride. 

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Other Alaska Adventures

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The Double Musky Inn, Girdwood, Alaska 
What follows is the true story of how the now world famous Double Musky Inn, a Girdood, Alaska landmark - got it's start. Julian "Moe" Maule was a huge, …

Hollywood North - Alaskan Produced Movies 
Scroll down to view clips from some of these movies . Alaska is a long way from Hollywood, but Alaskan movie makers don't let that keep them from …

Alaska--All the Colors of White 
Did you know any Eskimos? Did you live in an igloo? How could you stand all that snowy whiteness? Is it always dark there? Is it always …

Joey Bear and Joe 
My grandfather Joe Bayless was born in Circle, Alaska in 1910 on the banks of the Yukon River when it was a "super Highway" running through Alaska from …

Commercial Fishing in Alaska Part 1 
It was the hardest and most dangerous work I have ever done in my life. When I was 16 years old our family moved to the small town of Cordova, Alaska …

Commercial Fishing in Alaska Part 2 
At the ripe old age of 16, my father got me a job on a commercial fishing boat out of Cordova, Alaska on Prince William Sound. The boat was a Purse …

How to get a Moose to say "Cheese" 
He couldn't get up - Moments ago he was about to take a great picture, but now he was flat on his back, about to get stomped by Mr. Moose. Do you …

The Cordova Iceworm Festival Conception Not rated yet
Cordova, Alaska was very sleepy and dead during the months of January, February, and March. Even though the shortest day of the year on the 22nd of …

The Cordova Alaska Fire Not rated yet
The fire spread quickly through an entire city block in the picturesque coastal town of Cordova, Alaska - It was very early in the morning on May 2nd, …

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Alaska Adventures

Reading the stories above might just bring back memories of your own.

Remember this -

You don't have to be a great writer to post your memories of Alaska here on this website. What's important here is for you to share your memories and experiences living in, or visiting the great land.

Did your family go berry picking in Alaska? Did you spend your weekends boating on Big Lake? Or you might recall your first trip to Portage Glacier.

The stories on this page represent the precious memories of the authors.

Maybe you traveled around the state and got to experience the many areas of Alaska. Or maybe you were really adventurous and spent time far away from civilization, like the people in one of those "living in Alaska" TV shows.

And speaking of Alaska TV shows, did you ever look for Alaskan gold?

No matter what your 49th state adventures were, the website visitors here on will love reading about them. And so will your family and friends.

And one of the great things about posting your Alaska stories online is that people all over the world can read them. And that means, no matter where your family and friends live, as long as they have internet access, they can read what you post here.

Wonderful Alaska memories that fill your heart and feed your soul -

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