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Alaska Adventures

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The Flip Side Of Peter Dana show 
My dad hosted a show back in 1967 or 68. It was either called "The Flip Side of Peter Dana" or "The Peter Dana show". My dad was an entertainer, self-taught …

The Great Cordova Fire 
On the morning of May 2, 1963 I got up as usual, shaved, showered had breakfast and had just finished putting on my coat to go to school when the fire …

My Alaska Cabin Adventure 
An old homesteader named Al, rented our family a tiny two story cabin off Goose Bay road near Wasilla, Alaska. Al had lived in the cabin before he built …

Davy Crockett in Alaska? 
You've heard the theme song from the classic TV show "Davy Crockett" where they sing about how Davy "killed him a bear when he was only three." Well, …

Alaska--All the Colors of White 
Did you know any Eskimos? Did you live in an igloo? How could you stand all that snowy whiteness? Is it always dark there? Is it always …

Joey Bear and Joe 
My grandfather Joe Bayless was born in Circle, Alaska in 1910 on the banks of the Yukon River when it was a "super Highway" running through Alaska from …

Anna, a Bluebell Flower and a Rainbow Trout 
Wasilla, Alaska is surrounded by rivers, lakes and streams where the fishing is good. And when you're ready to fish, the first thing you want to know …

The Wasilla Ogre and the Fool 
The Ogre came out of his house near downtown Wasilla, Alaska yelling at us and threatening us by waving a hatchet high over his head. When I was 10 …

Never Whistle at a Moose 
If he didn't like the song I was whistling - I was toast. When I was 11 years old, my dad accepted a construction job that took our family from Anchorage, …

Dog Sledding in Alaska - My Amazing Ride 
My first dog sled ride When I was 10 years old, our family lived in a small two room cabin (complete with an outhouse and no running water) on Goose Bay …

How to get a Moose to say "Cheese" 
He couldn't get up - Moments ago he was about to take a great picture, but now he was flat on his back, about to get stomped by Mr. Moose. Do you …

Sledding on Thin Ice 
What happens when you mix 4 boys ages 9 to 11, a toboggan sled and a very steep hill covered with over a foot of freshly fallen snow? There is one more …

The Cordova Iceworm Festival Conception Not rated yet
Cordova, Alaska was very sleepy and dead during the months of January, February, and March. Even though the shortest day of the year on the 22nd of …

The Cordova Alaska Fire Not rated yet
The fire spread quickly through an entire city block in the picturesque coastal town of Cordova, Alaska - It was very early in the morning on May 2nd, …

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Girdwood, Alaska 1948

the oldest bar in Alaska (right side)

Girdwood, Alaska 1948

Photo courtesy of Gene Gough

Alaska Adventures

Reading the stories above might just bring back memories of your own.

Remember this

You don't have to be a great writer to post your memories of Alaska here on Anchorage Memories. What's important here is for you to share your memories and experiences living in, or visiting the great land.

Did your family go berry picking in Alaska? Did you spend your weekends boating on Big Lake? Or you might recall your first trip to Portage Glacier.

The stories on this page represent the precious memories of the authors.

Alaska Kayaking

Alaska Kayaking

What a great way to experience Alaska. Except for the kayak, you're one with nature.

Too Close for Comfort

Alaska moose

Sometimes we might be tempted to get a little too close to Alaska wildlife.

Alaska River Rafting

Alaska river rafting

Imagine the thrill of going down a swift moving river where the sights and sounds of wild Alaska fill your heart with joy and memories to last a lifetime.

Alaska Adventures

What were your adventures?

Did you -

Pick berries, go hiking, run white water rapids, go skiing?

Fly with an Alaskan bush pilot, or do some commercial fishing?

Maybe your adventure was staying in a rustic cabin or visiting Mount Denali (McKinley).

Alaska is a huge state and the variety of adventures that are experienced by Alaskans and visitors alike are endless.

An Alaskan Bear

An Alaskan Brown Bear

God's handy work is on display all over the Great Land. The picture above shows how big the vast area of the 49th state really is.

Cordova "Iceworm" Festival

Cordova Iceworm Festival

Time for fun. Alaskans enjoy local events like the Cordova Iceworm Festival or Anchorage's Fur Rendezvous and gatherings of local residents around the state all have a special place in the hearts of so many who call this state home.

World famous Kenai Fjords

Kenai Fjords

A sight you'll never forget once you've experienced this majestic place. People the world over travel here just to take a picture or two and to be able to say "I was there."

Alaska Adventures

Maybe you traveled around the state and got to experience the many areas of Alaska. Or maybe you were really adventurous and spent time far away from civilization, like the people in one of those "living in Alaska" TV shows.

And speaking of Alaska TV shows, did you ever look for Alaskan gold?

No matter what your 49th state adventures were, the website visitors here on Anchorage will love reading about them. And so will your family and friends.

And one of the great things about posting your Alaska stories online is that people all over the world can read them. And that means, no matter where your family and friends live, as long as they have internet access, they can read what you post here.

Stories of Lives Lived

in this Special Place called Alaska

Rugged individuals who's hearts long for a life that only the Great Land can provide.

Talk to anyone who lives in Alaska, or used to live there, and they'll have at least one story about a memorable adventure or an unforgettable character they know in the state.

Gold miners, homesteaders, or those who populate tiny towns and villages from South Eastern to Point Barrow.

But even people who live in the Great Lands biggest cities have stories to tell about experiences rich in adventure. Stories that will stay in their memories for a life time.

And that's what we celebrate here, and share with our website visitors here on Anchorage Memories.

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