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This Soapy Smith Book titled "Gold Fever, Skagway and Soapy Smith" takes you on an incredible journey.

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Gold Fever

Imagine it's 1897

You read that darn headline and Gold Fever has gripped you to the core of your very being.

You Quickly Board a Steam Ship

You sail to the rugged frontier town of Skagway, Alaska, the entrance to the Klondike gold fields.

You never imagined a place like this.

"Soapy Smith"

And you didn't count on a con man named Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith and his gang of thugs and thieves.

If you survive the Klondike long enough to strike gold, you still have to get it past Soapy and his gang.

But Gold Fever rages on.

Gold Fever, Skagway and Soapy Smith

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Can you imagine what it was like when Gold Fever struck all those stampeders and they headed for the Klondike?

How would you like to experience what it was like in Skagway during the Klondike Gold Rush?

And would you like to meet Soapy Smith?

Get ready for an adventure when you read "Gold Fever, Skagway and Soapy Smith"

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"Gold Fever, Skagway and Soapy Smith"

You will experience the Klondike gold rush

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