Jerry Rose and The Varsity Show

by Mary Jane Dougherty

Jerry Rose (Peter Bie)

Jerry Rose (Peter Bie)

The following is from an interview by Mary of Anchorage Memories with Jerry Rose (Peter Bie).

Anchorage Memories - Mary:

Wow, was it really 50 years ago that Mike Ray handed over The Varsity Show to KBYR DJ Jerry Rose?

That was cool.

Mike and I were visiting with Peter Bie (Jerry Rose) not too long ago.

I wanted to do something for this special anniversary of fifty years.

So I sprung this interview on Peter. Without hesitation he was happy to do it. I know you'll enjoy the interview just as much as we did.

It was indeed an honor and a privilege to see Mike and Peter together and getting to listen to their conversations about the good ol' days of television and radio.

So, turn on your favorite tunes, grab a bottle of soda pop and your dancin' shoes.

Anchorage Memories - Mary:

All set Jerry Rose, (Peter Bie) time to turn off the radio.

I know you hosted the Varsity Show from 1970 to 1971. What was your first job in broadcasting?


KJND - AM, Juneau, Alaska part - time DJ while still in high School. I moved to KINY-AM (Juneau) in my senior year.

Anchorage Memories - Mary:

Did you have a Mentor.


Yes, Ron Moore.

Anchorage Memories - Mary:

Do you remember your first show or a first song you introduced?


I can't recall the first show.

Oddly, one of the songs we played was "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" - it was number one at the time and no one could dance to it!

Anchorage Memories - Mary:

While hosting The Varsity Show were there any blunders?


Not really, unless you count the appearance by Eric Burdon!

Anchorage Memories - Mary:

What would you like to say to "The Royal Coachman," Ron Moore who also hosted The Varsity Show?


Thank you Ron for the good times on KBYR and KTVA! And your direction and encouragement all those years ago!

Anchorage Memories - Mary:

Do you have any advise for anyone wanting a career in Broadcasting?


Start your own podcast now!

Anchorage Memories - Mary:

I want to thank Peter for this rare and fun interview. You can turn your radio back on now!

"If you have a dream, pursue it. If you have an idea, run with it. Keep on dancin!"

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