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Your Varsity Show eBook is a fun look at Anchorage's teen TV dance show on KTVA channel 11 from 1959 to 1971. With a book foreword by Ron Moore.

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From 1959 to 1971, The Varsity Show ran live on KTVA channel 11 in Anchorage, Alaska.

The show was Anchorage's answer to the American Bandstand TV show and it featured Anchorage area teens dancing on TV to the latest hit songs of the day.

But that's not the whole story.

Anchorage high school students earned scholarships by becoming staff interns on the show.

Featuring a Foreword

by Ron Moore

Yes, The Royal Coachman himself, Ron Moore provided the foreword for this historic Anchorage broadcasting ebook.

As the "Dick Clark of Alaska" Ron was in front of the camera on The Varsity Show as well as behind the microphone on The Coke Show which you can actually hear and read about right here on Anchorage

When you download your free copy of this fun ebook, you'll get to see how much Ron enjoyed his time on Anchorage's teen TV dance show.

The Varsity Show

in Pictures

Show Crew 1963 - 1964

Live band

performing on the show

circa 1967

Host Mike Ray

and staff dancers


The show ran

from 1959 to 1971

on KTVA channel 11

Show crew, circa 1967

Dave Michael in foreground

Tom Dougherty and Ray Malott

behind the cameras

Host Jim Roach

and West High Cheer Leaders

1963 - 1964

Host Jim Roach interviews some West High cheer leaders

Host Jim Roach with

Jon Carter behind the camera

1963 - 1964

Ron Moore hosting

in the white coat

Varsity Show crew member

Sylvia Smith


The Varsity Show eBook

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The Varsity Show ebook

With a book foreword by Ron Moore, you'll love this stroll (wasn't that a dance?) down memory lane as you relive your teenage years in and around Anchorage, Alaska.

Do you remember when it all started with "Chuck's DJ Dance Party"?

Get this book right now - it's free - and learn all about when and how teens in Anchor town danced on TV when Saturday's came around.

You might even find your name, or a friend's name among the books pages as a member of the show's audience, a band that performed on the show, or as a member of the show's staff.

And you'll also discover a fun chapter devoted to celebrities and local bands that were featured on the show as well. Here's a hint. One celebrity sang with "The Animals" and "War". Another had a group known as "Dawn". And one local band had a regional hit and toured all over Alaska. Another popular local groups name had to do with "starting illegal fires".

Want to know the answers?

Grab your free copy of The Varsity Show ebook right now.

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