How to Write your
Anchorage Memories

How to write your Anchorage Memories is your guide to preserving and sharing your precious memories. Get started now.

"I've been wanting to write about my experiences in Anchorage for years. Now, because of Anchorage Memories I can." Marci

I need to preserve my Anchorage memories so your family and friends can enjoy them.


And now that you have the perfect place right here on Anchorage Memories to preserve your memories, Mary and I have put together this handy guide to help you tell your stories.

We make it easy for you.

How to Write My

Anchorage Memories

Your Guide

How to write my story and have fun

That's the first step. You should have fun remembering, and then writing those precious memories down.

Think about it -

Once your stories are written down here on Anchorage Memories, they can be read and enjoyed by family and friends.

My Beginning

Middle and End

Every story or memory has a beginning (where and how did it start?)

They have a middle (what happened?)

And they have an end (how did your story or memory end?)

Sit down and think about the story you want to tell.

You can even write it out with paper and pen just to get started.

What happened? Tell yourself your story just like you would tell your story to someone else.

Go ahead - we'll wait for you.

How to Write

Your Anchorage Memories

My Story


Let's have some fun.

Take some time to look over a few of the many visitor submitted stories here on Anchorage Memories. it will help you to write your story.

You'll notice that some of the stories begin in different ways. Would you like to do that with your story?

Here is an example:

"You jump on your sled and you start flying down the snowy hill - the faster, the better.

The wind rushes past your cold face as the runners on your sled cut through the snow and you quickly head toward the bottom of the hill. It feels like you're going so fast.

Kids in Alaska love to go sledding.

And every kid who's experienced winter time in Alaska, has a story or two about sledding down their favorite hill.

When we lived in Mountain View, we were just across the street from a wooded area. And just beyond the wooded area was an old gravel pit with a long, steep dirt road leading to the bottom of the pit."

"One winter, we found two old metal Pepsi Bottle Cap signs. They were the perfect size (about the size of today's saucer sleds). The old signs had a sharp edge, just like an actual bottle cap, but were otherwise perfect for a fast ride down a snow - covered hill."

In the beginning of the story above (written by Mike of Anchorage Memories) you may notice that the story begins by mentioning something everyone that grew up in Anchorage can relate to. Sledding.

Notice that the actual story doesn't start until the bolded words "When we lived in Mountain View."

Of course, you don't have to start your story this way. It's completely up to you. But you get the idea.

My Stories


Now you want to tell us what happened.

Here's how Mike told his sledding story -

"My brother Tom and I took our two "Pepsi sleds" to the gravel pit road to try them out. Tom agreed to be the "test pilot" and took off down the hill first.

Wow - did he fly. I don't know if it was the metal, or the surface of the sign, or the shape, but boy did he ever zoom down that hill.

After his first run, Tom said that he couldn't steer it, so he had to put his feet out so he could at least keep the "Pepsi sled" on the road."

All you're doing is "telling your story".

What happened. Then what happened next. And what happened next, until you've told your story.

My Story


You've told us how your story began.

And you've told us what happened and what happened next.

Now it's time to tell us how your story ended.

Here's the end of Mike's sledding story.

"Later, we went back to the hill with our friends and let everyone try our "Pepsi Sleds". And they all had the same experience. Fast, a little scary, but lots of fun.

After using our "Pepsi Bottle Cap" sleds, our regular old sleds with runners seemed tame.

How about you?

Where was your favorite place to go sledding?"

Notice that Mike ended by asking the reader a question? Mike invited the reader to remember their own sledding adventures.

My Story

Have fun when you write your stories.

You don't have to be a great writer. Just tell your story.

Everyone - including you - has a voice. You tell your stories differently than anyone else. And that's great.

Now take your time, think about the story you want to tell.

Write it down. Then read it out loud to yourself. Did you tell it well? Or do you need to make a few changes?

Once I'm Happy

with My Story

~ Yes, I'm ready ~

start posting your story

right now

I Still Have Questions


or maybe even

a Comment

You can easily get in touch with us if you need more assistance with your story.

You can Contact Us and we'll get right back to you. And that's a promise.

Time to Write

My Story

Now I'm ready to start writing my story.

And just think how great you'll feel when your story is posted here on Anchorage Memories and your friends and family can read it anytime they want to.

Mike & Mary

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