1964 Earthquake
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by Dan Bathker
(La Canada California)

Turnagain 1964 Earthquake Damage

Turnagain 1964 Earthquake Damage

I was in southern California during the 1964 Alaska earthquake, but I heard the following story told by a woman in the hard-hit area of Turnagain.

Her words were close to what I remember and wrote below:

“The entire first minute was sheer terror, then the second minute was just very scary.

During the third minute, I started getting used to the shaking.

By the fourth minute, I decided, well, this isn't ever going to stop.

So, I sat down on the couch and hung on.”

A Note from Anchorage Memories


Thank you for sharing this story with us.

As survivors, we can tell you first hand that the March 27th earthquake was terrifying. It lasted for 5 minutes and during that time we experienced sounds, images, and feelings we will never be able to forget.

And, for many months after the quake, the question “where were you during the quake” was asked of us over and over.

The stories we heard from friends and family as they told us their quake experiences were horrifying, sad and amazing all at once.

Remembering the earthquake with stories like the one above, reminds survivors of a shared experience and gives those who have only seen pictures, film or heard first-hand stories, an idea of what happened on March 27, 1964, in a place called Alaska.


Great Alaskan Earthquake Survivor

A powerful story about a young teenage girl caught in the JC Penney building during the 1964 earthquake.

An amazing story of survival.

Take a look at Great Alaskan Earthquake Survivor and imagine.

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Shake Rattle and Roll
by: Ron

I was in the back of a 40-foot van at Smyth overseas company on post road.

The quake hit, it threw me from one side to the other over and over again.

My co-worker shouted "the Russians hit us". I took the work truck and drove up town.

I stopped at Monty's department store and looked over the town. yes, it did look like a bomb had been dropped. Half the street was down one level.

I walked up to C street and saw cars standing on end. It was a chilling sight.

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