Great Alaskan Earthquake

Great Alaskan Earthquake Survivor  is a powerful story about a young, teenage girl caught in the JC Penney building in downtown Anchorage during the 1964 earthquake.

An amazing story of survival.


"It was the most terrifying day of my life." Mary

My name is Mary Jane Dougherty and this is my story.

The story of how my brother Norman and I survived the 1964 Alaska earthquake.

When the "Great Alaskan Earthquake" struck, my brother and I were in JC Penny's in downtown Anchorage.

Moments later we were running for our lives as the JC Penny building was collapsing all around us during one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded in North America.

This is my story of survival.

Great Alaskan

Earthquake Survivor

Yes, I'm an earthquake survivor, and this is my story of the amazing things I experienced and witnessed during that horrifying Good Friday earthquake.

An amazing story of survival

for a young Anchorage teenager

Downtown Anchorage after the 64 quake

"The ground was rolling like waves on the ocean and we were breathing in all that choking dust."

"The noise of the earthquake sounded like the hardest wind imaginable. It was deafening."

Mary Jane Dougherty, author

Now you can experience the Great Alaskan Earthquake through the eyes of a survivor, because I've told my incredible story in this exciting book.

Even writing this book was a traumatic experience, because what I saw and the terror I experienced on that day, still live on in my memory after all these years.

The Experience

Are you a survivor

of the Good Friday,

March 27th, 1964 earthquake?

Then we share a common bond -

You will relate to, and appreciate what you'll experience

when you read my story.

Yes, I Want This

Amazing Story

Right Now

You can download Mary's story of survival right now.

This is a download that you can read on your laptop or portable device, at home or on the go.

Once you start reading Mary's story, you'll find yourself caught up in the moment as you follow her and her brother through Anchorage's JC Penny building and outside where stones rain down as huge concrete slabs crash onto the sidewalk all around you.

You'll experience the rolling earth, howling wind and choking dust that surrounded them as they desperately searched for a safe place.

Great Alaskan Earthquake


A Must Read

If you experienced the earthquake, or just want to know what it was like, Mary's book is a must read.

There have been many stories told about the 1964 earthquake, but this story, seen through the eyes of a teenage girl as she saw her world of Anchorage being torn apart, is an experience you won't forget.

Did You Experience

the 1964 Earthquake?

If you did, where were you when the quake struck?

Do you remember how it felt, how it sounded and what you saw?

Survivors of the 1964 Alaska earthquake still recall those memories. And this book captures the quake from the perspective of a young girl who saw a building collapsing around her.

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