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Take a look at Anchorage Spring Breakup Memories and enjoy.

Ah – Spring time in Anchorage – slushy roads, potholes, cars covered with dirt and the promise of summer.

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My sister sent me an Anchorage Memories VIP Club publication a few weeks ago.

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My last visit to Anchorage was for a West high school class reunion over 20 years ago.

So, thanks for putting all this together.”


“I love Anchorage Memories” Sydney

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Anchorage High School Memories

“What fun memories and so educational, too!” Jody

“I love the pictures and the memories and stories that you post.” Sue

Anchorage Memories VIP Club

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Did You Know?

When the Anchorage Police Department began, they didn't have a patrol car, so they actually took a taxi to crime scenes.

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Alaska Facts and History

And each month, you'll enjoy interesting facts and stories about Alaska

The Ghost Town of Ukivok

King Island by Ansgar Walk

Photo by Ansgar Walk

Have you ever heard of the Ghost Town of Ukivok?

This unique town has been abandoned for many years.

Take a look at The Ghost Town of Ukivok and discover.

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