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4th Avenue Theater

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Hold the Butter

What was your most
embarrassing moment?

Mine may have been
my 1st, 2nd and 3rd
most embarrassing moment
all wrapped into one.
And it happened at
the 4th Avenue Theater
in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.
Butter with your popcorn?

The actual cabin

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Falling Down the Stairs

A rustic cabin off
Goose Bay road in
Wasilla, Alaska
had a very steep
set of stairs
that caused Michael
to take a header.
What happened?
You'll love this fun story.

"May I take your order"?

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The Oil Soaked Waiter

The Alaska Highway,
also known as
the "Alcan" is an
adventure filled road trip.
Michael and Mary got a
big surprise
when they pulled in to
gas up their car
and get breakfast in a cafe.
May I take your order?

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Anchorage Memories Podcast

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