The Doctor got a Shot
in His Thumb

by Trish
(Glen Burnie MD )

Government Hill School

Government Hill School

I was five years old when the 1964 Earthquake hit.

My father, brothers, and sister were home.

My brother was watching Fireball XL5 on TV. The countdown for the spacecraft had started. When it hit 1 on the countdown, everything started shaking violently.

Dad told my older sister to sit on us to keep us from running over the broken glass. My brother stood up and held on to the television to save it.

Mom was at the Commissary getting food for Easter. She was in the parking lot getting ready to drive home. Cars in the lot were moving back and forth. She fell, and an airman had to help get her up.

It seemed like the earthquake lasted forever.

So much happened in the days that followed.

My sister's school on Government Hill had been destroyed. The J.C. Penney building was in pieces on the ground. A family who lost their home came to stay with us.

There were several aftershocks and I remember feeling very frightened.

We lived on the Air Force base in Anchorage and I remember my mother having to boil water. There were many aftershocks and I remember me and the other kids feeling very frightened.

Then everyone on base had to get shots.

We stood in an assembly line as the military doctor gave each person their shot.

It was uncomfortable watching everyone step up to get their shot. Then I was next.

The military doc grabbed my arm to give me the shot. But I jumped just as he was trying to put the needle in my arm. He ended up with the needle in his thumb while I was left with a scratch.

I loved Alaska!


Great Alaskan Earthquake Survivor

A powerful story about a young teenage girl caught in the JC Penney building during the 1964 earthquake.

An amazing story of survival.

Take a look at Great Alaskan Earthquake Survivor and imagine.

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in His Thumb

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What I saw
by: Anonymous

We were stationed at Wildwood Station near Kenai and yes we were watching Fireball XL5 when the earthquake struck, just like everybody else.

I remember seeing weird things happening during the shaking such as a mirror falling off the dresser and breaking a pencil, but the mirror was OK.

A jar of chipped beef fell off the shelf going to the basement. It hit the floor and did not break.

Also watching a water tower split right in half right near the officer's club at Wildwood Station.

Brothers and Fireball XL5
by: Beth Stewart

We lived in Rogers Park when it happened, and we were watching Fireball XL5 too.

My brother also jumped up and grabbed hold of the TV.

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