Shaking on Boniface Road

by Dennis Hoffman

We lived in a trailer court on Boniface road.

The 1964 Alaska earthquake started as a dull roar and vibration as you expect when a jet flies over. This time the roar and vibration only got worse until our trailer rolled off its blocks, the neighbor's house chimney crumbled, the power went off and sirens were heard for miles.

Luckily for us, we heated with oil and there was an abundance of snow on the ground that could be melted for water, and we were safe.

All communication to the outside was severed, and our family truck had gas in it.

To this day, I can sense the smallest shake and will never forget that Friday afternoon at 5:30…

Now, take a look at Great Alaskan Earthquake Survivor and imagine

A Note From Anchorage Memories

Dennis, thank you so much for posting your 1964 Good Friday Earthquake story.

After reading at least one other earthquake story titled “Home Alone” here on our Alaska earthquake page, it seems that mobile homes were hit hard.

And as a result, the shaking of your mobile home may have been even more violent.

We appreciate your being able to stay positive by mentioning things like having heating oil and snow on the ground to melt for water, and that your family truck had gas in its tank.

And finally, for those of us who experienced the earthquake, we became sensitive to quakes, yes even the little ones.

And none of us will ever forget Good Friday, 1964 at 5:30 when the earth began to shake and our lives changed forever.

Thank you for telling your story.

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Whole Lotta Shakin Going On
by: Summer Elise Prater Swanson

A whole lotta shaking going on for a long time.

The chimney in the house fell.

The television and the sewing machine in its cabinet fell over doors swung out into the hallway, dryer door popped open, cat got in, dog was slipping all over the floor, chandelier was swinging.

Dishes and bottles fell out of the cupboards in the kitchen - on one side.

And the noise was LOUD!

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