Rainbow Girl Drill team

by Sandy Mitchell Adams
(Ekron Kentucky )

I lived on Fort Richardson and belonged to the Rainbow Girls of Anchorage.

We had a drill team, and we practiced in the hangers at Elmendorf.

We marched in the Fur Rendezvous Parade.

I have super eight movies that my dad shot back then.

Our drill team wore ski pants, different colors and parkas.

These days, I tell people about the souvenirs that the moose would leave. And that they make pins and stuff out of them.

So many memories of Alaska.

We were there in 1962 and left in 1965. We were also there for the 1964 earthquake.

I have many Anchorage memories and stories.

A Note from Anchorage Memories


Thank you so much for your interesting Fur Rendezvous story about the Rainbow Girls Drill Team.

There are so many fun stories about being a part of the Rondy and enjoying the many events. Marching in the parade was a very memorable event for a lot of Anchorage youth who marched or were involved with a parade float.

Great memories.

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