My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure is the true story of then 16 year old Michael R Dougherty and his amazing experience on an Alaska fishing boat out of Cordova, Alaska. Check it out right now.

My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure -

"Alaska commercial fishing is the hardest, most dangerous work

I have ever done in my life", says Mike.

"When I was only 16, my dad got me a job on a purse seiner out of the picturesque town of Cordova, Alaska on Prince William Sound. I had no idea what a purse seiner was - but I was about to find out.

On a purse seiner, you don't set out the net and wait for the tide to bring in the fish where they get caught in the net. Instead, on a purse seiner, you go out, find the fish, then set the net around them.

It's long hard work and even when you're only 16, you'd better pull your weight.

This is the story of my real life adventure aboard an Alaska commercial fishing boat."

My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure

Over the years while living in the "lower 48", when people discover that I worked on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, they get very interested in hearing my story.

For some, TV shows about "The World's Deadliest Catch" have made them want to hear first hand from someone who's been there (even though I wasn't a crab fisherman).

For others who have given some thought to the possibility to traveling to Alaska to go out on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska for the money and the adventure, my story gives them a small glimpse into what may wait for them in the waters off the Alaska coast.

While growing up in Alaska, I knew that I was someplace special. A place that holds a great deal of fascination for most people. A far off, magical place full of beauty and wonder. A place where a new adventure is right around the corner.

Now, after having lived, worked and played in the Great Land, I appreciate the things I saw and experience there. From the Northern Lights, to watching the midnight sun from the deck of a commercial fishing boat. And you can experience some of that when you read "My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure."

My book is a Good Lunchtime Read that you can enjoy over your favorite burger. For 30 minutes or so, you can imagine yourself on an Alaska commercial fishing boat, and wonder have amazing this experience was for a 16 year old.

Read it,enjoy it and try not to fall overboard.

"My Commercial Fishing Adventure" takes you on a journey to Alaska's Prince William Sound, long before the Exon Valdez oil spill disaster. The sound was pristine in those days, and salmon were abundant. 

The hours were long, hard and the environment was unforgiving. And for a 16 year old, it was an amazing experience.

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