Fur Rondy Corn Dogs

by Mary Jane Dougherty

Yes! I loved my Fur Rondy corn dogs.

I liked them best with ketchup. My husband Mike told me he liked his best with mustard.

It was the grand opening night of the Fur Rendezvous back in the early 60's. I stood on 4th Avenue taking in all the sights of the carnival and rides.

Earlier I had met up with with my father, "Big Sammy" at the D&D Bar & Cafe along with my older brothers Roy, Jimmy, Bobby, Sammy and Norman, and my older sisters Cora and Betty.

Big Sammy handed all us Fur Rondy money.

My mother Feodoria was worked at a restaurant on 4th Avenue all day. She would join all of us on Saturday to watch the Fur Rondy parade and later to enjoy a family lunch.

My sister Cora told us all to go to the snack stand because it was time to eat.

I read the sign "Corn Dogs 25 cents". I wondered what a corn dog was and asked my brother Jimmy. He told me that they put a stick thru a hotdog and dip it into batter. And that it tasted really good.

I gave the clerk my quarter for the corn dog and another for a cup of Pepsi.

We all stood and watched our food being prepared.

It looked liked my corn dog was going to taste really good. Then the clerk handed the corn dog on a stick to me and asked if I wanted ketchup or mustard. I chose ketchup of course because that's what I liked on my hot dogs.

Then, I got my Pepsi and my tray with ketchup and my corn dog on a stick. Norman told me to be careful because it would be hot.

Gosh, how long will that take before it wasn't to hot to enjoy? I wanted a taste of my corn dog.

A few moments went by and my sister Betty told me to go ahead and take a bite.

Being the youngest I had so many people taking care of me.

I put my Pepsi on the counter, took off my red mitten and I picked up my corn dog on the stick and dunked it onto the ketchup.

Then I took my first bite.

Yes, I loved the Fur Rondy corn dog. The batter was very tasty and the fun part was when Sammy told me to munch around the crunchy part of the batter near the stick. Corn dogs and Pepsi, yep, from that day on, those were favorites of mine at all the carnivals and fairs we went to in and around Anchorage.

The great thing about having Fur Rondy going on for three days was that you got to eat a lot.

That Saturday and we all loved having our mother with us. My family and I introduced her to the tasty corn dog and she liked it just like me...with ketchup of course.

Happy crunching!


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