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Anchorage Alaska Pictures bring you a nostalgic view of Anchor Town, submitted by our website visitors and from members of Anchorage Memories VIP Newsletter.

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Carrs Super Market

Circa 1954 - 1955

Photo courtesy of Annie Partin


4th Avenue


Anchorage in 1944

4th Avenue


In the Picture:

Drum Major, Alice Wanda Turner

Anchorage High School

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Starks

Anchorage parade 1956

Bootlegger's Cove


Photo by Cindy Pendleton


Betty Ferris Apparel

Circa 1950s

About the Picture:

Between 3rd and 4th Avenues

Owned and operated by Izzie Brundage

Photo courtesy of Doug Brundage

Betty Ferris Apparel

Bi Lo Grocery Store

Circa 1974 or 1975

Photo courtesy of Clytie Alaimo (on the pony)

Bi Lo Grocery store

Can I submit my Anchorage Alaska pictures?

Yes. Website visitors to Anchorage Memories would love to see your pictures of Anchor Town from the 1940s, 1950, 1960s and 1970s.

You can easily send us your pictures as an email attachment. And remember to tell us what the picture is and the year.

Send your pictures to mike@anchorage

Eklutna Chapel

About the Picture:

Hand drawn by Carola Gough

Photo courtesy of Gene Gough

Eklutna Chapel hand drawn picture

President Nixon's Motorcade


About the Picture:

When President Nixon met with Japanese Emperor Hirohito in Anchorage.

Taken on Northern Lights on the way to the home of Walter J. Hickel.

Rayfield's 76 gas station and Bilo grocery in the background.

President Nixon in Anchorage Alaska

La Casita

Photo courtesy of Roxann Regenstreif

La Casita Mexican restaurant

Eldeberry Park

west end of 5th Avenue


Photo by Cindy Pendleton


4th Avenue Anchorage

circa 1940s or 1950s

In the picture:

Cub Scout troop 817

Food Center, owned by Keith Lesh

J. Vic Brown Anchorage Jewelry store

Siedenverg's (before it was Siedenverg and Kays)

Photo courtesy of Cordell Dow


Anchorage Alaska Pictures

Early Log Home 1915

About the Picture:

Swan and Lisa Swanson's Home

Their daughter, Ingaborge is the mother of Gary R Smith

Photo courtesy of Gary R Smith

Anchorage log home 1915

Anchorage Alaska Pictures from the early days.

Downtown Anchorage

4th Avenue 1968

Photo by Cindy Pendleton

Anchorage 4th Avenue 1968

Theda Comstock

"The Woman's Touch" Kitchen Set

About the Picture:

Theda is on the right in dark clothing

This picture was taken in the KENI-TV studio in the 4th Avenue Theater building.

Photo courtesy of RB Laurie

Theda Comstock kitchen TV set

Anchorage Main Street


Photo courtesy of the Michael Nore Collection

anchorage main street 1957

Northern Lights Blvd.

Looking east of Wisconsin

1978 - 79

Photo courtesy of Lonnie Frazer

The Bun Drive-In

and the Coke Show radio booth

July 1963

Photo courtesy of Malcolm Burgess Jr.

anchorage bun drive in

Spenard Kid's Train
across from Spenard Lake


In the Picture:

Cliff, Cheri and Ron Brown and Denny Beeman enjoy the train.

Photo courtesy of the Brown family

Anchorage Dairy

4th and C Street


About the Picture:

The Brown family lived above the dairy in an apartment at one time.

Photo courtesy of the Brown family

Coming Home from School

Northern Lights Blvd

Near Turnagain by the Sea


Photo courtesy of Linda Miller

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Anchorage Alaska Pictures

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