Am I a Husky or a Ram?

by Mary Jane Dougherty

Central Junior High

Central Junior High

"Yay!" The crowd goes wild.

Depending upon what side of the bleachers you sat on.

Were you the side that was saying Yay? Was it your Junior High School basketball team that just scored the two points?

Let me take you back to winter of 1966. But first in October of 1965 when I was in the 8th grade something that I thought would never happen... our family moved from our three story log home on Second and Cordova in downtown Anchorage.

We moved to Stanton Court off of Tudor Road. Groan, suddenly I wasn't going to Central Junior High... I wasn't a Husky anymore. Moan, now I was going to Wendler Junior High and now I was a Ram.

My friends were basically from all over Anchorage and I did have friends at Wendler. My friends at Central would hang out after school at Woolworth's or Bert's Cards and Gifts and at JC Penney's. We all loved downtown Anchorage.

Now I had to get a ride to go anywhere. Luckily all my brothers and sister were older and would drive me downtown to meet my friends.

Back in 1965 I loved being a part of the overly loud cheering group that would cheer on our basketball team. At Central after the games, my friends and I would go outside in the cold winter night to cool down and eat crisp, cold snow to help soothe our throats. We would talk about the game as we walked under the blanket of stars and the bright full moon.

So, it was the winter of 1966 and I was at Wendler and the Central Husky's were playing the Wendler Rams.

My devotion to my old school was strong.

As I sat on the bleachers I saw my old classmates from Central on the bleachers on the opposite side of the gymnasium. I had a lot of team spirit so right then and there I cheered on the Wendler Rams. And ever so quietly I cheered on the Central Husky's.

I felt so much better that I shared my love for both schools that the guilty feeling I had, just turned to cheers and of course a sore throat for both schools.

I didn't walk home anymore. I waited outside the school with my friends as we waited for our rides to pick us up.

The neat thing I learned was that it was really great to grow up in a small wonderful town like Anchorage, Alaska. Because no matter where you went in Anchorage you were bound to run into one of your friends to talk to or even go to a favorite restaurant and have a hamburger and a soda together.

Did you ever change schools in Anchorage?

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Central Huskies Forever
by: Alicia Tousignant Warren

We feel your pain.

My mom decide that my twin sister and I would attend Central for the ABC program after attending the Northern Lights ABC program.

That was fine but we were leaving a majority of friends group behind at Romig to attend Central.

We were also driving by West High and Romig everyday to attend Central.

We were involved with most of the sports at Central which brought us back to Romig or West to share facilities, so it was always fun to see friends.

Many friends would come to visit if they knew Central was in the building. When we ended up at West for high school, we had a large, diverse pool of friends from around the city. Part was from attending church downtown, the other was attending Central.

Many new friends for a lifetime

I Feel Your Pain
by: Cindy Pen...

Back in the 70s I taught at Romig, then moved to Mears in the 80s.

No big deal, except that my kids were enrolled at Romig while I worked at their rival school.

That meant when I attended wrestling matches, I needed to cheer for my son who was on the Romig wrestling team, even if he was up against a student of mine.

Divided loyalties for sure!

Great story!

Thanks for bringing up a memory for me, as well.

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