Your Memories

You can write them down now before they fade with age and become forgotten in time to be lost forever.

Do you want your memories to just fade away?

Of course not. Those memories are precious to you and to your family and friends.

As you age, memories begin to fade and before you know it, they are lost forever.

How sad it is for your family and for generations to come, when your cherished memories are lost... never to be remembered again.

But your family wants to be able to keep your wonderful memories alive. 

Your Memories - Your Family

Even if you don't think you can, writing down your memories will give your family something to treasure forever.

A Note from Mike
of Anchorage Memories

When I decided to write down my memories and made a gift of those stories to my family, my mother told me  -

"This is the best gift I have ever received and the best gift I will ever receive."

By deciding to write down my memories, my stories became an instant family heirloom. A treasure chest of memories to be cherished by generations to come.

How Do I Get There?

Anchorage Memories offers "Your Memories", a fun and easy to understand guided writing course.

And you'll be guided one-on-one by Michael Dougherty of Anchorage Memories and a published author.

Your Free Consultation

Want to know more about your guided writing course to see if it's right for you?

You can enjoy a free, no obligation, 30 minute phone consultation with Mike of Anchorage Memories.

During your free call, you can ask Mike about the course, how it will help you preserve your memories and what's included in your course.

Your Memories Course

Your actual course includes up-to 60 minutes on the phone, one-on-one with Mike.

You'll also receive important course information sent to you by email.

And you can follow up with your questions to Mike by email.

PLUS - there is a fun surprise bonus that your entire family will love.

Want to Know More?

Send Mike an email and tell him you want your free, no obligation, 30 minute phone consultation.

During your time on the phone with Mike, you can ask him any question you want to about your guided writing course, the course fee, course material and what you will have at the end of your course.

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just fill out the easy form below and tell us you want to talk with Mike right now.

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Your memories must be preserved. And with the help of this writing course, you will be able to leave your family the cherished treasure of your memories.

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