Marcus in the Morning Movie

This fun Marcus in the Morning movie stars Marcus as an inept spy on the loose in Anchorage, Alaska. Co starring Herb Shaindlin.

Shot entirely in Anchorage, Alaska

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Starring Anchorage's own cast of characters

Double-Oh-Marcus.............. Marcus in the Morning

Dr. Rodent................................... Herb Shaindlin

Goldie......................................... Michelle Hilton

The Golden Oldie............................ Chuck Talsky

Number Two..................................... Dean Berg

Cheap Jaws.............. Tom Rivers (KFQD radio DJ)

"Semi-literate language and almost adult situations" Visions film critic

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Marcus in the Morning Movie

"Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me" was shot at locations in Anchorage, Alaska and was premiered on then KIMO-TV channel 13 (now KYUR) and on the old "Visions" TV system in Anchorage.

"People are always asking me how they can see my movie "Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me" says Marcus Lewis of Marcus in the Morning Alaska radio fame

Now you will enjoy seeing this fun movie once again.

What's that?

You've never seen "Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed me."

Let's fix that right now

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to get an autograph from Marcus.


Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed MeOne inept spy, one evil doctor and one blonde person

"Keep your eye on the spy. Great as it gets in the Greatland"!

Chuck Talsky, "The Golden Oldie" in Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me

Turn up your sound and enjoy the movie preview below

Behind the Scenes Making the Movie

A Super Fun Surprise

Until now, the only video of the movie has been the VHS copies given to the cast and crew. And they won't let anyone borrow their precious video.

But guess what?

Mary and I here at were the ones that created the movie.

Mary produced the movie, along with Alex Tatum, and Michael R Dougherty (that's me)  wrote and directed this fun Alaska movie short.

So, we decided to create an exclusive DVD of the Marcus Lewis comedy (well, you might laugh) "Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me."

And when you receive your very special DVD of this Alaska produced Marcus Lewis movie short, you'll be the envy of all your Alaska friends.

Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me

The Story

Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed MeMarcus and his new weapons

Marcus in the Morning creates an inept but lovable character, Double-Oh-Marcus, a secret agent who does very few things right, but still manages to do-in the evil Dr. Rodent.

Marcus in the Morning Movie

Do you remember Marcus in the Morning on KFQD?

It was lots of fun when Anchorage woke up to Marcus on the radio. Marcus did all kinds of crazy stuff like looking for the Loch Ness monster in Westchester Lagoon, sparing with boxing great Jerry Quarry, and starring in this movie, "Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me."

But did you know that Marcus in the Morning was also a spy?

In the Anchorage produced mini movie "Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me", Double-Oh-Marcus is called on to rescue another spy, the Golden Oldie, played by Anchorage's Chuck Talsky, who has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Rodent, played to evil perfection by that Desperate and Dateless guy, Herb Shaindlin. In the movie and you'll love the way Marcus sends Herb into orbit.

And yes, Marcus had a leading lady in his movie. Local Model Michelle Hilton made her movie debut in "Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me."

Of course Michelle couldn't show her face in public for about a year after the movie's Anchorage premiere because of the "kissing scene" with Marcus. And in case you're wondering, the movie is family friendly.

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