Anchorage Radio Personalities

by Michael R Dougherty

Do you remember listening to your favorite Anchorage, Alaska radio personalities while at home, traveling in your car or truck, or at work?

How would you like to hear many of them doing their radio shows once again?

Remember Ron Moore, G.Morgan S (Gene Shedlock), Larry Larson, Bobby Russell, Jim "Boom Boom" Cannon, Larry Wayne, Frank Tonnema (Frank James), Steve London, Homer & Jethro, Dick Lobdell, Ruben Gains and Chuck Orr?

Not long ago, I found a website that features all the Anchorage radio personalities above (except Ron Moore). But you'll be happy to learn that you can listen to Ron Moore doing the Coke Show right here on Anchorage Memories.

To hear Ron Moore (the Royal Coachman) go to our Coke Show Memories page.

The website I was referring to earlier is - Alaska and I encourage you to visit that site and listen to the fun collection of "air checks".

You'll have a wonderful trip down Anchorage radio memory lane.

I had the good fortune to work with Ron Moore on the Coke Show. While I certainly didn't ever host the show, or even talk very much, Ron gave me the on-air name "Mighty Michael". While working with Ron, I also worked with Anchorage DJ, Jerry Rose, who filled in for Ron on the Coke Show from time-to-time.

When I worked at KTVA channel 11 in the Broadcast Center in Spenard, we also had the KBYR and KNIK-FM studios in the building because they were owned by Northern Television at that time. And because of that, I knew all the DJs and worked with them when they recorded audio for KTVA. Those DJs included Ron Moore, Jerry Rose, Steve London, Jack Frost, Les Snow, Sarg McClintock and Roger Latham just to name a few.

So take a few minutes and visit Alaska, listen to the many Anchorage radio personalities and maybe even check out their Anchorage night club bands page as well.

Lots of fun Anchorage nostalgia

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Real Old Memory
by: Barb (Nigh) Thaman

In late 40s-early 50s we had a gravelly voiced Morning announcer (don't recall his name) who prefaced the daily weather report with "let's take a look" or "let's take a peek" out the window to see what's happening.

The inevitable happened - one morning he said "let's take a leak out the window". Was the topic of many laughs in my Dad's barber shop for days!

A Note from Mike

I first heard that story many years ago - it should be on one of those old Kermit Schaffer blooper albums.

Anchorage Radio Voices
by: Anonymous

Cool memory!

I had the privilege and fun to be one of the small group of high school interns in 1975-76, and worked with some of the guys you mentioned.

Started by being a tape-changer in FM and recorded a few spots, but got to work some off-hour and weekend shifts in AM before heading off to college.

A Note from Mike

Great hearing from you and thank you for your comment. I also got my start as a high school senior, working on the Varsity Show at KTVA.

Glad you were able to have the the experience working in radio broadcasting.

Thank you

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