Adventure on Wendigo Island is a funny but true story about two teenage brothers and their Alaska camping adventure

Adventure on Wendigo Island -

Adventure on Wendigo Island

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What happens when two teenage brothers spend the night on a dark, deserted island in Alaska where their imaginations turn their camping trip into a wild adventure they will never forget?

Author Michael R Dougherty tells the fun story of the time he and his brother Tom let a windy night on an Alaskan island near the small fishing town on Cordova, Alaska on Prince William Sound, send them running.

You'll love this unique Alaska camping story.

Adventure on Wendigo Island

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Camping is a favorite way for Alaskans to enjoy the great outdoors in the 49th state.

You can camp by a lake, a beautiful mountain, or even on an island.

In "Adventure on Wendigo Island", when the author, Michael R Dougherty and his brother Tom were teenagers, the two decided to go camping on a small, deserted Alaska island.

But an all too vivid memory of an evening of television, watching an episode of "The Outer Limits", and a suddenly windy night caused their imaginations to kick into high gear.

The result is a Tom Sawyer like story gone wild.

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Adventure on Wendigo Island

Do you still go camping in Alaska?

Or do you live in another place now, but have fond memories of camping in Alaska?

Like most things in Alaska, camping is a wonderful experience that Alaskans love.

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