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It's Easy, It's Fast, It's Fun

As you browse through the treasure chest of cherished memories that call this website home, we encourage you to share your Alaska memories too.

Do you currently live in the 49th state?

Did you used to live in the last frontier?

Or have you ever visited Alaska, or taken an Alaska cruise?

Our website visitors look forward to reading your stories and to enjoying your connection to the great state.

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Anchorage Memories

It's Easy, It's Fast, It's Fun

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We're Mike and Mary Dougherty and we created Anchorage

Mary was born in the old Providence Hospital and raised in Anchorage, while Mike's family first came to Anchorage in the 1950's when Mike was only 3 years old. (ok, you do the math and you'll find out Mike's age).

Mary and I grew up, went to school, got married and had our children in Anchorage. So for us, like many of you, Alaska is a magical place. And like a visit to the Anchorage Museum, a stroll through Anchorage brings back a flood of incredible memories.

Mary is part Alaskan Indian and her family owns Point Possession, a commercial fishing site that sits right across Cook Inlet from Anchorage. Her family fished there every summer. Some family members still carry on that tradition.

Mike's father was a heavy equipment operator and cleared much of the land in and around Anchorage including A&W Rootbeer near Mountain View, East Anchorage High School and West Chester Lagoon, just to name a few.

Mary and her family grew up in and around downtown Anchorage, while Mike's family lived in Anchorage, Wasilla, and in Cordova in Prince William Sound where Mike was a commercial fisherman.

Together, Mike and Mary have shared a lifetime of incredible Alaska memories.

Share Your Memories

With all that in mind, what better way to pay tribute to those wonderful memories than with this website, where you can easily share your stories of life in, and around, Anchorage. Stories of life in the last frontier.

And don't be shy about sharing your memories.

We're all friends here on Anchorage because we have something in common, a bond that's very special.

We have Alaska.

Have Fun and Enjoy

But most of all, have fun and enjoy.

Write your stories and enjoy reading memories posted by other visitors.

And hey, tell your friends about because if they lived in Alaska, still live there, or just visited, we'd love to read their stories too.

Here's to all those wonderful Alaska Memories