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1964 Alaskan Earthquake at KTVA Channel 11

It was March 27, 1964. I had just finished hosting The Buckaroo Show on KTVA from the ground floor of the McKinley Building. And as the host Deputy Dick,

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Paper Airplanes and Dedications

We used to write our dedications on paper airplanes and try sailing them into the Chicken Coop to beat the crowds trying to submit their requests.

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Alaska Videos - Anchorage Memories

Alaska videos that show you a nostalgic look at Anchorage and fun Alaska stories.

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More Anchorage Alaska Stories - Anchorage Memories

More Anchorage Alaska Stories are fun posts about living in and around Anchorage Alaska.

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Anchorage Alaska Stories- Anchorage Memories

Anchorage Alaska Stories are fun posts about living in and around Alaska's largest city that are sent to us by our website visitors.

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The Frozen Christmas Tree Lot

The year was 1971 and it felt like it was 150 below when Mary and I ventured out into the bitter Anchorage winter evening to buy a real Christmas tree.

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Ice Skate to Denali Elementary School?

It was Monday morning, again. Spring time in Anchorage and we had more daylight. However, that's not all we had. We had another cold morning. Back

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Break Up in Anchorage - A Music Video

After a long, dark winter of cold, snow and ice, when Alaska starts to enjoy more daylight and warmer temperatures begin to melt away those winter blues

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Downtown Anchorage a Record Snowfall

One of the beautiful sites we enjoy during winter in Alaska is when big snowflakes float down from the sky, covering the Great Land with a fresh, clean

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Anchorage Daily News Paper Sales

Back in 1948 and 49 I sold news papers at 4th. and C st. In Anchorage. There was a bar on that corner. I would always get paid more than the paper was

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4th Avenue Theater - Hold the Butter

What was the most embarrassing moment of your life? Mine may have been the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most embarrassing moments of my life all wrapped up into

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Anchorage Memories Family

Join the Anchorage Memories Family and get new Alaska stories, Alaska trivia and fun stuff, plus your FREE book.

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Breakfast in Bedlam

It may have been the most creative and interesting way for Alaskan's to wake up in Anchorage television history - Breakfast in Bedlam, with hosts Josef

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"Race to the Summit"

It’s not often a person takes the mundane job of washing dishes and writes about it. My 6-month dish washing stint was much different than scrubbing

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Cordova and the Great Alaskan Earthquake

I was a school teacher in Cordova for 8 years. The following is our families experience about the 1964 Alaskan earthquake. On Friday school got out

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