Your FavoriteAnchorage Radio Personalities Where Are They Now?

by Michael R Dougherty

Ron Moore

Ron Moore

Who were your favorite Anchorage Radio personalities?

We all remember listening to our radios at home, in the car and on those small portable transistor radios that we could carry in our pocket or purse. And we all had our favorite radio personalities.

So who were they and where are they now?

The following list will no doubt grow as visitors to Anchorage Memories (that's you) add their favorites to the list.

Remember, Anchorage radio personalities moved around to different radio stations, so if you have additional information, be sure and use the "Comments" section below to update this list.

Anchorage Radio Personalities

Ron Moore - "The Royal Coachman", KFQD, KENI and KBYR. Now retired and living in Texas

Jim "Boom Boom" Cannon, KBYR, is now working in television in Las Vegas

G. Morgan S. (Gene Shedlock), KENI, KBYR, lives in Anchorage

Larry Wayne, last known location was K-Love radio in Sacramento, California

Jerry Valley - also Frank James (Frank Tonnema), KENI, KBYR, owns a flower shop in Arizona

Ruben Gains, KHAR, sadly, Ruben is no longer with us

Herb Shaindlin, KFQD, Herb is no longer with us

Jerry Rose (Peter Bie), KENI, KBYR, went into the ministry and lives in Southern California

Dick Lobdell, KENI, Dick is no longer with us

Roger Lathum, KENI, KBYR, Roger is no longer with us

Les Snow, (Gene Miner) KBYR, Les lives in Florida (where there is really "less snow"

Tom Rivers, KFQD, sadly, Tom is no longer with us

Marcus in the Morning, (Mark Lewis), KFQD, KYMG (Magic) Marcus is now retired.

Jack Frost, KBYR, owns Jack Frost & Friends Ad agency in Anchorage

Steve Knoll, KPXR (Power 102), in Arkansas

Merrill Mael, KENI

Bob Fleming, KENI, KYAK

TY Clark, KENI

Ed Riley, KFQD, KANC, KOOL, retired and still spends summer in Anchorage

Scotty Ferguson, KFQD

Ron Gardner, KYAK

Jim Robbins, KYAK, sadly, Jim is no longer with us

Rodney Overstreet, KYAK, now in Tennessee

Dan Thomas, KWHL (K-Whale) now in Minnesota

Rocky Roberts, KWHL (K-Whale)

Steve Agbaba, KHAR, KENI, Steve is no longer with us

Fern Chandonnet, KHAR, KENI

Jack Arnold, KYAK

Chris Adams, KENI

Michael Tremayne, KENI

Gerry Reynolds, KENI

Hank Mann, KENI, owner of KANC, sadly, Hank is no longer with us

Ed Riley, KFQD, KANC, still in Anchorage

Rick Goodfellow, KLEF, still in Anchorage

Dave Stroh, Oldies 102.1, still in Anchorage

Art Bell, KENI, sadly, Art is no longer with us

Randy Kruse (Terry Curtis), KENI, KANC, KBYR, KTVA, now in Renton, Washington

"Tracy in the Sky" (Heidi Hayes) KENI

Note: This list is "in progress" and will update as we get information.

To add to the list, use the "Comments" section below

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KENI Radio Jocks in the Early 70s
by: John Grant

Art Bell is mentioned here a few time. He did do middays at KENI for awhile.

I worked there doing the 6-midnight shift for awhile. I've used John Lee as my air-name for most of my radio career but I think I was using Jay Carter back then. Really can't remember.

Other DJ's included Larry Wayne, Chuck Roberts, Dan York, Bob (something) was the Program Director and morning show guy. (Larry W, what was his last name?)

Tracy in the Sky (Heidi Hayes
by: Lynda Myers

On KENI radio of Westchester Lagoon my younger sister used to go and work.

She did a character (voice) for the weather. She went by "Tracy in the sky" and she would be speaking with Gunther.

Her name was at the time was Heidi Hayes. She is now Heidi Main.

She wasn’t on the air a long time, I think maybe a year maybe year and a half, but she was awesome and she had a lot of people that liked her.

A Note from Anchorage Memories


Thank you for your comment about your sister Heidi Hayes doing a weather voice for KENI radio. We have added her to out list of Anchorage Radio Personalities.

Thank you


Terry Curtis
by: Anonymous

Terry Curtis (Randy Kruse) KENI,KANC,KBYR,KTVA,
now in Renton Wasington

Doc Pournelle
by: Anonymous

These comments were written by my adopted uncle, Robert Knox. He and his wife, Wilma, were journalists in Anchorage between 1951 and 1984.

In spite of its small size—or perhaps because of it—KBYR tended to attract some unusual characters.

One of these was Doc Pournelle, who was hired to be the station manager.

I never learned his real name, but he acquired the nickname Doc because he was said to have a national reputation for being a doctor for sick radio stations.

Pournelle took over the early morning time slot (on KBYR), and Anchorage residents were soon being coaxed from sleep with Doc’s low, slow, Southern drawl, then jolted awake with rousing military marches.

"Let’s get up and march around the breakfast table!" he urged his listeners.

As unorthodox as it was, the show caught on and became the most popular radio program in Anchorage.

(Note: Pournelle died in 1965. A death announcement was printed in the Anchorage Daily Times on April 19, 1965.)

RE: Art Bell
by: Tony

I am pretty sure that Art Bell was at KENI in 60's, maybe 70's. Someone in the biz, as we say, should know for sure.

I was told this when I worked radio 1997 - 2000 somewhere in there.

Way back when KENI was down by Westchester Lagoon area.

The only reason that I say 'pretty sure' is that it came 2nd (maybe 3rd) hand from a lady that had been involved in radio there, back in the day.

A Note from Anchorage Memories

Thank you Tony, we have added Art to our list. Sadly, Art is no longer with us.

by: Anonymous

Mark Raney and Carry Carrigan - KWHL

Aka Ed Riley
by: Walt Larson

Retired after 40 years on the air in Anchorage.

Worked at KANC, KFQD and KOOL.

Now snowbird Anchorage and San Tan Valley, AZ.

A Note from Anchorage Memories


Thank you for checking in. We have added your name to the growing list above.

Anchorage Radio Personalities
by: AnonTom Hughesymous

Art Bell is no longer with us.

A Note from Anchorage Memories

Wasn't Art Bell a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, and not a local Anchorage DJ?

Father in Radio
by: Karen Sykes

Please add Hank Mann 1960-70’s.

KENI radio DJ/owner of KANC. He since passed in 2012.

Past President of the Anchorage Broadcasters Association and owner of Columbia Broadcasters Association... Anchorage.

Thank you
Sykes Family

To Our Anchorage Radio Personalities
by: Michael Hankins

Anchorage has, and has had, some great radio DJs.

They helped make those long, dark, winter-days and nights more palpable.

God bless them all!

Anchorage Radio Personalities
by: Steve Knoll

I had the privilege of working in Anchorage radio from January 1987 to May of 1991.

KPXR-FM (Power 102) doing morning drive for most of that time along with being the Program Director.

A Note from Anchorage Memories


Thank you for the information. We have updated our list to include you.

Where are you working now?

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